[A] - Coven recruiting for group 1 & 2.

Hello, Coven is looking for a few good people to round out our two, ten man groups! We are currently a casual guild but are looking to be more competitive once we have a reliable core group. Group 1 raids Thursday and Friday, 8:00pm - 11:00pm server, and are currently 4/6.
Recruiting needs are:

Holy Priest or Disc Priest
Shadow Priest

This early in the expansion, gear is not as much of an issue as skill. We are looking for individuals who know their class, want to kill pixel dragons but don't want to do it five days a week. We also want people who understand that our environment is a fun one, but as we only raid twice a week, that time is important and we need to make the most of it.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me (Battletag Derp#1174), Narisha Ziazen, Standerd, Drottage, Macellarius or Pups in game for more information. Or check us out at www.coven.guildlaunch.com.
We have all the shinies. g2 looking to get started, needs us some people!
Good group here that have several husband/wife duo's others are work and college friends. Guild works together well.
I also forgot to mention that we have an excellent weight loss plan for heavy set pandas.
If you need or want a Rogue I'd be willing to work with either group. Send me in game mail or message me if you are interested.
Updated recruiting needs.
Bump for updated recruitment needs.
Really good guild to join. Friendly atmosphere and everyone is willing to help. :) come join!

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