[H] Authentic - H ToT: 3/13 - Recruiting!

guys, y u no mage

i cheer for you to mage.
To the top!
Oh it is happening baby!

Welcome home Rendx.
It's Rendella now, can't you see I'm a lady?
You'll always be Rendx to me baby.
i still need to gear my other toons on dalaran but i want to get back into raiding (tired of sitting in corners and talking to myself in a corner) what are your raid times and class needs?
Any need for a tank? Have had plenty of raiding experience in the past (raided all of BC and WotLK, took a break during Cataclysm) and would like to get back into raiding with a team of players and having a good time at it.
Hi thanks for replying! Please send me an message in game or mail.
Bumpity, bump!

Update: Heroic MSV: 6/6
Heroic HoF: 2/6

Looking for a Tank or DPS still!
Grats on Will guys!
Ty, hate that fight!
BUMP! Need a DPS!
Shameless bump.
Nice bumps
whats up with the shameless bump, maybe a humiliating bump should have been used in its place....but idk much about bumps

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