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Ok whats up with these flying tiger gourami are they really daily fish quest and if so why the catch rate so low to the point its not consider daily i fish alot and not got 1 yet if its a daily they need to increase the rate for catching them to at lease to call it daily quest when you fish for them.
It's not a daily fish quest per se. It's a rare. I think they average out to be 1% drop rate on an open water cast. (can't be a pool)

The other rares drop I believe up to 2%. It's only used for rep with the Nat Pagle. You should check out if you are looking for detailed fishing information.
There are 3 Pandaria fish you can catch and turn in to Nat Pagle each day. They each have a 1% or so drop rate from different zones in Pandaria.

I catch all 3 every day. Some days it takes 20 minutes, other days it takes hours.
There are actually 3 rare fish you can catch to turn into Nat Pagle. Yes, the drop rate is very low and there is no promises of catching one everyday. It is one of the rare things Blizzard always puts into the game.
Has there bin some changes in the drop rate on thoses fishie's ? Because for a whil there i was getting them with in a decent timeframe 15>60 min each .And now for many day's i cant catch any ,even with having spent 5 hrs fishing ,seems i cant catch any now .Fishing at all the mostly recommended spots in wowhead & forums.

If you have modified the drop rate plz get it back up to something decent .

After all this his suposedly a "have fun doing simple stuff ,fill the food reserves for raid ,and get a reward for doing so "thingy .come on pretty pleeze =D
Blizzard really needs to fix the drop rate on these.
Every day it is 5-15 casts for the Mimic Octopus and Spinefish Alpha.
Yet it is north of 100 for this bloody Flying Tiger Gourami.
I've had the opposite problem? I don't always fish, but when I do, I get 6 flying tiger gouramis and none of the other rare fish.

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