New to Server -- Looking for Casual Guild

I resubbed a little over a week ago after quitting in the middle of WotLK. Back then I used to be involved in the raiding scene, but I have since gotten married and have less time to devote to that part of the game.

Basically I am just looking for a group to chat with while questing my way to 90. I don't really know what my intent is once I get there because I don't yet know the time requirements for end game activities.

Anyway, thanks for having me on your server. Have a great one.
would you be looking for a guild on the horde side or alliance side of the server?
if for horde side, feel free to msg me ingame for mow info whenever i on
If you're on Horde. My guild Under The Knife is pretty laid back.
I also just started playing again after 4 year absence. Man how things have changed. Levelling a druid here then decided to bring my mage over. Thought this would be a good server to start up again since I was under the impression it was new and growing.
I'm pretty new to the game in general and am thinking of joining a casual social guild too. I'm getting married soon and my fiance is super understanding of my growing interest in wow, but I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to devote to end-game either. Let me know what you find! :)
Just wanted to welcome you people back to the game. Also, welcome to our server. It is nice to have new faces around.

Edit: even if you are filthy alliance scum.
Dark Guardians is a family guild that would love to have you folks join us. We do dailies, scenarios, dungeons and just started raiding (CO-OP) with another guild. We understand that family and real life comes first...WOW is a game not a job, we try to keep it that way. We have 4 adults and 2 teenagers in the guild (teenagers are well behaved...can't tsay the same for the If you're interested just whisper....Bromforge (me), Starletta, Krugg or Camari

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