472 Resto Shaman/469 Lock

Resto Shaman ilvl 472 currently looking for a guild that raids 6-7 ST, few nights a week. MV experience up to 2/6 with multiple attempts on Gara. Raiding experience back to WoTLK with my shaman and vanilla with my mage since 3 months after release. Currently good for 40-50k hps on first 3 MV fights. Current guild breaking up, looking for a new home. Also have an ilvl 469 affliction lock that I haven't raided on yet, but tops LFR meters for what it's worth.
Hey there. We could definitely use your warlock in our raid that runs Fri/Sat at 1800 Server Time for 2-3 hours depending on what's going on and how things are going. We can use you immediately.

SI has a casual attitude in the sense that we play the game for fun and aren't yelling at each other during raids. On that note though we DO take raiding seriously. We expect people to come ready and to know their class! We also know that there is a life outside of WoW, thus never require 100% attendance.

After saying that, we are trying to start up a Tu/Th run at 1800, but we only have a few people atm. That run could use your shammy if you are set on using your shammy.

Give us a peek at http://strangelyironic.freeforums.org and drop an app if interested! Hope to hear from you. GL in your search!
Hello Kaylarilna!

<Basic> is a fresh guild looking to form a raid team! All of the current members have 4/6 MV experience, and we are looking for more players that are looking to have fun while raiding while progressing through current content.

<Basic> was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who joined together and formed the guild for the purpose to raiding progression content in a laid back fun-centered environment. We love to have a good time, and why shouldn't we? We're playing a game after all! :)

While we are a brand new guild, we hope to get a core raid team together quickly. We currently have 2 Tanks and 3 DPS, so we would welcome you with open arms!

Our raid times are Fri/Sat from 6p-9p PST/Server Time, with an optional 3rd night if people are available and would like to do some more raiding.

If you are interested or would like to hear more, please feel free to message me, anyone online in the guild, or check out our website! My battletag is Times4#1695 and our website is http://www.basic-proudmoore.info/
Attorney at Law (US-Proudmoore-PST) is looking for more for it's 10-man evening raiding team.
We have 2 different raid teams, one is our semi-casual evenings that does focus on progression, butalso on having a good time.
And we have our new morning raid group that will be considered Semi-hardcore. Real life will come first, but it will be a dedicated group, focused on downing content.

Raid Times: All 6 P.M. to 9 P.M PST
sunday (Optional evening progression included from 6 pm-9 PM, if agreed)

We currently need a healer resto sham / monk/ pally .

Go to http://therealbar.enjin.com
or pst me ingame @ folgrim#1298
Hello! Thanks for the interest in my post. I am the leader of team Pup N' Suds in the guild Icon. We are a fun & social guild based out of Proudmoore(PST).

We are currently 6/6 MV w/ Imperial Vizier @7%.

We raid Friday - Saturday @6:30 - 9 ST. Keep in mind that we are trying to extend times or add a day. However, the times will be worked around everyone's schedule, including yours. I expect everyone to be here every weekend. Although I do understand that RL>WoW, and sometimes things come up.

- Frost DK
- Restoration Shaman w/DPS OS or Disc Priest w/DPS OS.

What I want from you:
- iLvl of 473+.
- Pull at least 60k DPS in all situations.
- VP capping weekly until there are no upgrades available.
- Be doing your dailies, and running Sha weekly, also until there are no upgrades available.
- Be on top of your game every raid night.
- Know what you will be doing for that given fight.
- Be self motivated.

If you are interested please contact me or apply at the guild site.
- Battletag: Grufal#1600
- Real ID: Grufail@gmail.com
- http://iconguild.enjin.com/recruitment
(Even if you contact me, you will most likely have to fill out an application anyways).
Hi Kay,

Just throwing out another invite for you to check out Strangely Ironic if you haven't found a home yet. As Kransar said you can learn more about us at strangelyironic.freeforums.org

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