[H] -Blackwolf- LF Raiders - Late Night

<Blackwolf>, a 10 man raiding Horde guild on US-Kil’Jaeden, is recruiting. We were formed in MoP by friends who have raided together since Burning Crusade in different top end guilds. We have enjoyed the benefits of raiding with some of the World's best players, and now that real life has kept us from the lovely 40 hour raid weeks it is time to enjoy the game with a less demanding schedule. With only 2 nights of raiding a week, we don't expect server firsts. We do expect staying up with content and making sure we are geared and ready for the next release. We are currently looking for additional mature, capable, and dedicated candidates to join our raid group.

Rad Schedule:

Monday and Friday 8 PM-11PM PST



Loot System:

Loot Council

Currently Recruiting: (exceptional applicants of any spec/role are always taken into consideration regardelss of current needs) (463 ilevel) required

Any DPS capable of consistently pushing high percentiles
Shaman (DPS)
Priest (Holy or Shadow)
Exceptional Tank (Any Class)

Applicant Expectations:
A minimum of 18 years old – exceptions can be made but it is an adult guild, maturity is required
A minimum of 95% attendance is required – includes being timely for invites and posting out via website forums if you are unable to attend a raid
100% knowledge of your class and spec, being viable at your OS is a huge plus
100% prepared for all encounters (thorough research on your class, every raid encounter, and the two in relation)
Ventrillo and a working microphone is a necessity, with the ability to speak up clearly when needed
A very positive attitude

Additional information is available at our website. Please follow instructions in the recruitment forums to post an application. A ventrillo interview will be required.

If you have any questions please contact the following officers in game:

Lynnara (Kaylie#1125)
For Science!
Just need a few dps, and a healer/dps to complete the core team!
Epicness here.
Still looking for ranged dps and one healer! Add me through RealID at Kaylie#1125 or check out our website.
Still looking for an exceptional tank, and a few more dps to round out spots.
Still looking for an amazing tank, 1 melee dps and 2-3 ranged dps to fill out our roster. We promote hardcore results on a casual schedule. Once we have most of the spots full, we will start pushing progression.
I second this, you should totally push them back to starting at 9 or 10 PST!
Are you still looking for a dedicated tank? Have been tanking since vanillla days

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