Holy or Discipline better for healing PvE?

Alright since you all helped me choose undead haha, well i pvp mainly but sometimes i like to heal raids or dungeons or any pve for my guild and was wonderin which does more healing holy or discipline ive heard disc is easier and heals more as well but lemme get some opinions, alright Thanks ! :)
There appears to be a topic recently created discussing this: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7004404664

For guides, check out howtopriest.com
Easier is pretty subjective. I'd suggest reading some guides and testing each out to see what clicks. Both are plenty viable, so you can't really go wrong.
I am just getting back into the healing side of priest after a long hiatus, myself. But the general consensus I have gathered is the following...

1. "better" for 5 mans - pretty subjective in my opinion.
It is DEFINITELY better for scenarios though. You can heal straight through any scenario with Atonement while DPS'ing constantly. This will be the case in a lot of 5 mans as well, depending on the how well geared/skilled the rest of the party is.

2. "proactive" - its all about preventing damage through shielding

3. Better main tank healer when raiding

1. "better" for raid healing, powerful AOE healing
2. "reactive" - heal damage rather than try to prevent it through healing

My own experience was such that when I tried to go back to healing, and spec'd discipline, I had trouble keeping up with the damage when trying to use DPS/Atonement, but that could be because my gear really sucked, or perhaps the gear of my party was kind of sucky. I couldn't really get the hang of the shielding to prevent damage. I just didn't know the fights well enough to anticipate what was going to happen and I didn't know the spells and rotations well enough (after playing shadow exclusively for so long).

Then I tried Holy in a 5 man, and that went okay, but I was definitely scrambling to keep up sometimes. Thankfully the group was patient and polite.

Since I started doing scenarios, I went back to Discipline and it works really well in there. My gear is MUCH better now than it used to be, so I am going to try some 5 mans as a healer and see what happens.
Would you rather be a reactive healer or a proactive healer?
since they took out the mana return upon using archangel with 5 stacks of evangelism I've switched to holy, took a while to adjust to but it's healing output is great =)

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