A gift for Tina daily quest for the tillers

Bug Report
The chrysoberyl tends to spawn in or under the ground 99% of time. They show up on the mining tracker but when I go to a spot with my miner they aren't there and can't interact with them making the quest impossible to complete most of the time.
I find it hard to believe noone else finds this bug annoying
I've seen that a few times but usually I can find it to gather and complete the quest.
Definitely annoying, and what's surprising is there aren't more threads about this; this was the only mention I could find of it as a bug. I can confirm that they are indeed pushed under the terrain, as I went to a spot where there was one on my minimap, and sure enough, I could barely see the sparkles coming through the ground.
The fact that people can usually find one other one not underground is most likely the reason no-one is bothering to post about it. I'm pretty sure I put in a bug report myself, but that was ages ago and in-game if I did.
This bug is still a problem. I'm a miner, I can see Chrysoberyl Outcropping nodes as yellow dots on my map. Unfortunately, 3/4 of them are under the terrain, unclickable.

Please put the Chrysoberyl Outcropping above the terrain, so we can click on them!
Please fix this bug! The Uncut Chrysoberyl for the quest "A Gift for Tina" is spawning in the ground and walls out of reach (4 of the 5 available). Every time I get this quest, it takes well over 30 minutes to wait for the only one that doesn't spawn in the ground to appear. Compound that with tons of other people doing the same quest and it's completely no fun at all.
Yes — please fix this. It's still a problem. :-/
Still bugged, could only find one and its underground :( abandoned quest
03/03/2013 03:41 PMPosted by Mavranaaim
Still bugged, could only find one and its underground :( abandoned quest

There are several that spawn in, each in a different place. :) Wait until they respawn and you should be good to go.
This is extremely frustrating. I've been fighting off vermin for over an hour, waiting for this f^&*ing spawn. FIX THIS!
Okay, so Chrysoberyl spawns on left rim of virmen cave at 39:20. Just look for the very slight sparkle (it almost matches it's surroundings). The chryso doesn't show, but if you move around a bit, you're mining 'gear' will finally light up.
I am on the quest that people before me are complaining about, and I can see why. I have been in and out of that cave several times and it flashes little sparkles but you can not get the thing to appear so you can collect it. This is very annoying, when you quest, you don't want to do it a hundred times, and still not be able to finish because of a glitch in the game.

Does Anyone at WOW hear us ?????
Not all of us are miners, so we just see a little sparkle, you know it's there, but why can't we get it.
PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not all of us are miners, so we just see a little sparkle, you know it's there, but why can't we get it.
PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mining has nothing to do with it. This character isn't a miner either and I've never been unable to complete this quest.

The Gem spawns in at multiple locations, both inside and outside of all three caves. There can be more than one up at once. You just need to go find it. I've never, ever abandoned this quest and even if one of the crystals is stuck underground, there is always another one elsewhere you can get if you bother to look.

The crystal can be blue, pinkish, purple and/or white. Look at the very backs of the caves and I know there's one that spawns in behind the Virmen Matriarch boss.
Necroing this thread just so it's more obvious how long it has been an issue. I found the same thing again today in the cave of Springtail Crag @ coords 39.09/19.55.

I, and several others I know of for a fact, have been reporting this issue through the bug reports since the MoP beta launched. Even though I know it has been reported numerous times, it is still spawning inside the rock where it cannot be looted.

There are enough other spots that it spawns so completing the quest is not all that hard but c'mon. We can't get this (and the one other spot I can't remember the coords to) fixed after almost two years?
I'm also bumping this thread. It's been over a year and this is still a problem? C'mon! Wasted 20 minutes this morning looking for one to mine.
Also experiencing this right now.
Blizz Pleasee fix this. issue

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