Sunwell Solo as Ret [Video]

enjoy getting your t6.5

[EDIT: re-uploaded due to copyright]
How do you put out that much dps on Brutallis and stay alive?

My ret spec is only ~465 or so, but I find myself using seal of insight and spamming wog and fol on myself to heal through the meteor strikes. I usually wipe the stacks at about 9 with divine shield, but end up being killed a while later because I only put out 20k or so dps while I use every HP for EF to stay alive. By the time i get to 9 stacks again my health is lowish and brut is still at ~30%
I didn't notice until editing that I had seal of insight up that entire encounter...
I don't really recommend doing so if you don't have the gear to pull that kind of dps without seal of truth though. Currently at ilvl 485.
Were you spamming wog?

If not, any advice on staying alive?

I was using seal of insight, EF, holy prism, fol and still eventually get overrun by the stacks.
I didn't spam wog too much, just more so the selfless healer usage, better guide to how to do it as a lower geared ret:
Made it when I was around ilvl 470 gear.
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Hey, Liken the Vid u posted, what UI are you using and CD addons are you using.. Love the clean look..
Pretty sure he's using LUI

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