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Moon Guard
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Grim and haggard, the old priest turns, shaking his head, speaking in a soft hush to the hovering nursemaids. “There is no more that can be done. The fever will take him within the day.” He raised his hand from the gleaming brow of the dying man, wiping the sweat away with a handkerchief. “Give him laudanum until he sleeps and is still, and then the extract of the almond seed. It will be kinder.”

The two women – neither young, but both well learned in the healing arts – busied themselves with the medicines as the old priest turned and limped out from the bedchambers of the poor wretch, his cane clicking softly on the rich rugs covering the cold stone floors. He quietly closes the door behind him, turning to face the richly appointed man seated by the window, speaking more firmly. “He is finished, Lord-Magistrate. The Duke Mathilan will be dead within the hour, once he is given medicine to ease his passage. It is to my sorrow that I may do no more.”

The Lord-Magistrate – a stout man in a gold-embroidered robe, wrapped warmly in furs, a golden seal hanging from a cord around his neck – nods once. “A sad day. He has no heir?”

“No heir, my Lord-Magistrate. Distant relatives, but it will take time to find them.”

A long moment, silent. “A man might be tempted to seize control, Thane, and take the title for himself. King Danath remains in exile, there is no strong claimant, and by the time a response could be levied, the coup could be over.”

The aged priest-Thane snorts. “I saw to those with such intention, and had them sent to Ironforge on diplomatic efforts. They will not interfere in the succession until the legitimate inheritor is found.”

A laugh, then, from the Lord-Magistrate, short and bitter. “Of course. The man with his eye on the title would never admit it to my face. You have served the Kings loyally – but that alone does not give you claim. Take this. Come on.” He holds out a folded piece of parchment, and the priest-Thane takes it, reads it.

“'...appoint the Thane Everen Corelas to the office of Palatine, to oversee the inheritance of the ducal title, and therafter to aid whoever does stand to inherit it.' My Lord-Magistrate, I had thought only to continue in my role already -”

“Enough platitudes, Palatine. The Duchy of Stromgarde has been without sound leadership for years, and with the chaos we need loyal men keeping the local rulers in line. See to it the Duke receives the proper funerary arrangements for a man of his status, find his replacement, and then make damn sure they don't get any ideas about being beyond the reach of the King.” He paused, shaking his head. “And keep your heresy quiet. The last thing we need is the Church declaring crusade on Stromgarde.”

Thane-!@#-Palatine Corelas nods slowly, raising a hand to rub tiredly at the bridge of his nose, at the deep marks left by his small pair of spectacles. “I will serve to the best of my ability, Lord-Magistrate, I swear it, though I suspect this will see me to an early grave from stress, if not an assassin's blade. May Deus have mercy on us in these trying times.”

“Make sure you understand, Palatine, that you are not the new duke. You serve at the discretion of myself and the other Magistrates. Should you seek to take the title yourself, we will see you sent out in exile, to die on the other side of the wall.”

“Of course, my Lord-Magistrate. My loyalty is ever to the true and rightful King.”
As you may have gathered, the Kingdom of Arathor is under new management. After a number of leadership changes following the public and messy departure of our founder Regulus / Tritus / Coberan / Saervan, the guild has come into my hands. It is my sincere hope to turn over a new leaf and start a new chapter in the history of the Kingdom.

I am aware that many of you may have misgivings about our guild – and probably they are very well founded misgivings, given our old recruiting policies, quality standards, and leadership. I ask you to put those aside for the time being, and reconsider us, as we are essentially all new and with an entirely different tack.

So what is it we offer? Well, the Kingdom is:
-A level 25 heavy RP guild, based in the Arathi Highlands.

-Influenced by Scandinavian and Germanic history and society in conjunction with the Warcraft universe's own lore. As a result, we're socially distinct from pretty much every other Kingdom guild out there.

-Newly dedicated to creating a high-quality roleplaying environment, with options for every class, race, and concept (well, maybe not Eredar Archdruid Catgirls, but all those within reason) among our ranks.

Once we're up and running again, we hope to offer weekly (and if we have the membership, more frequent) events for both civilian and military members, weekly law courts, and periodic festivals, religious ceremonies, and large-scale events – hopefully with other guilds.

Do you want a unique experience that no other guild offers? Do you want to reach back through the ages and touch the face of Thoradin's great Empire, and work to restore it? Do you want to honour the old traditions?

Join the Kingdom, and we'll do all these things together. Join the Kingdom, and help restore one of Moon Guard's oldest running Kingdom guilds to the proper place of esteem it deserves.

Who will we accept?

We'll take competent roleplayers and those trying to become competent roleplayers. Race and class is less important OOC, but IC it'll help determine how quickly you gain citizenship and what laws you're governed by.

Highlander: Only Humans, Elves, and Dwarves actually born in the Highlands, or long-term residents who've also earned their citizenship.

Citizen: Anyone can become a citizen through service. Shed your blood in the defence of the Rightful King in Outland and the Duke of Stromgarde, and you too can be recognized as a partial citizen, and in time, maybe even a true Highlander.

Utlendr: Anyone not from the Highlands is an utlender, or 'outlander'. You are a foreigner, without any of the greater legal rights extended to citizens and natives, and this is how most of you will come to us. Elf and Dwarf utlendrs are governed differently from the rest, to reflect the long history mankind and the Kingdom have with them.

There is no level requirement.

What the hell's a Hus?

The hus is the basic social unit we'll be using. It consists of a single physical structure owned by a wealthy individual and inhabited by his dependents and the workers needed to provide for them. It is not necessarily a noble House, though the hus of a noble will typically consist only of members of his House.

The goal behind the hus is to provide a common group to roleplay with within the guild, even if no one else is around, and we'll accordingly be trying to match them up to have reasonable overlap in player times. No one wants a hus where you're the only one awake at night, afterall.

How do I join?

Contact myself by either letter or PM in-game.

There'll be an interview, and for the time being I'm going to be personally screening members while we establish more rigid quality control, but provided you can roleplay, you'll be fine.

One of your members is a troll.

That's a serious issue, and I'll take it seriously. If any of our members trolls or does anything else questionable, I'd like you to send me screenshots of it at arathorstories@gmail.com. The appropriate action will be taken.

Any other questions, comments, or concerns that you don't want to air publically are also welcome at that address.

If I've forgotten anything or you'd like clarification on anything, please let me know and I'll do my best to address the matter.

Starting the 13th, every bump will also feature a tidbit of our lore (or our laws, depending on what mood I'm in.)
The funeral will be on the 16th. If anyone would like to attend, send me a message.
Insist upon it, jump up upon it, yeah, bu-uhmp-uh-ump.
What plants does Everen make his beard dye out of?
Everen, being of the true blood of the mountainmen, needs no fancy dyes. His beard is naturally a deep walnut brown, with equally natural volume and bounce.

If - and this is purely a hypothetical - he did dye his beard, the exact plant combination would be a secret reserved for Highlanders only, not utlendrs.
Greetings from Westfall!

Have some corn.
We prefer barley and oats, not maize. Damn southrons and their high-falutin' yellow corn...
Just let it dry, mill it into cornmeal and use that for cornbread. Good trail food; already dry, so it doesn't dry out more.
Pah, keep your southron grains. One last bump before bed.
We should roleplay sometime, Everen. Free bump, also.
Zum Anfang!
Good afternoon, moon guard.
On this, the Eighth day of November in the Six Hundred and Twenty Fifth year of the King's Calendar, I, Palatine Everen Corelas, name Kyradis Din'alor, Elfling, to the position of Archmage of Stromgarde, until such time as her services are no longer required. Let it be known. - Everen Corelas

Everen, being of the true blood of the mountainmen, needs no fancy dyes. His beard is naturally a deep walnut brown, with equally natural volume and bounce.

Okay, that deserves a bump.
Pre-pub bump.
Dance in the rain, with wild abandon.
We may have a new Archmage, but we're entirely witch-free! Probably.

They better hope we are, anyway, or it's time to roll some witches into the lake again.
Another uneventful court. Splendid.

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