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In light of Love is in the Air and Valentine's Day, the Kingdom of Arathor would like to announce...

The Wedding Contest.

One eligible Highlands man or woman will volunteer to be the 'prize' in a competition of strength, wits, and charm, to be hold on the twenty-second.

Contestants will be expected to demonstrate their skills by:
-Reciting poetry or song
-Duelling with a weapon of their choice
-Chasing down and wrestling an oiled pig and/or drunk and confused Highlander
-Cooking a meal of that pig
-Demonstrating an understanding of basic farming, however they may do
-Craftsmanship of their choice.

So, come North, and find an evening of laughter. Not everything must be dark and harsh, and even the fiercest warrior needs to take the time to stop and remind himself of things worth living for. The celebration will conclude with a mock wedding, but who knows - perhaps a real connection might be made...
If any man does mint coin without a charter, he shall pay to the King ten fylkirgros, and suffer lesser outlawry. - the Code
I do not enjoy adjusting my sleep patterns.
Never drink Arathi wine if you have a choice in the matter, but never refuse it from an Arathi host. For some unknown reason, they take great pride in the foul product of their nation, and are blind to its ability to make even the most hardened Azerothian drunk vomit in sheer disgust. And they are a violent people. Smile, bear it, and if possible discreetly spit it out.- Sir Galamnus, Gourmand Extraordinaire
For each tun of Elf-wine that is brought into the Kingdom shall be levied one gros in fee.
For each tun of Dvergr-wine that is brought into the Kingdom shall be levied twelve groats in fee.
For each tun of wine from Azeroth that is brought into the Kingdom shall be levied four groats in fee.
For each tun of wine from Kul Tiras that is brought into the Kingdom shall be levied six groats in fee.
For each tun of wine not from these places that is brought into the Kingdom shall be levied three groats in fee.
- the Code
Any man who kills a kobold and provides proof of this shall receive tenpenny from the King for his service to the Kingdom. - the Code
For a southron who is known, the wergild shall be fifteen ounces of silver. - the Old Laws of the Wergild
Petty Court will be held on Saturday, as usual. Attend or don't.

On a related note, next week we're holding a market on Friday, and would love to see some of the broader server population at it.
The Highlanders feel no shame in the use of the bow or the throwing spear, even among the aristocracy. The superior size and strength of their ancestral enemies have lead to skills in ranged weapons being considered as worthy as those with the sword or spear.

The consummate Highlander warrior is thus expected to be skilled with bow, with spear, with javelin, with seax, and with sword. Elements of this cultural heritage can still be seen today in the South, especially in the pride taken in markmanship by the Wrynn family.
- War, a Study on the Art and Science of the Battle
It is to be treated as a mortal wound if it was the cause of death, or if it could be a cause of death for a man of normal strength, or if it removes any limb, or if it breaks the skull, or if it exposes the viscera. - the Code
If a man consort with demons, he is outlawed in full and he need not be led to the border. - The Code
For every sheep that is sold in the markets shall be levied six pennies. - the Code
Friday's Market will be held at 8PM server, with the highlight being - if we get enough interest - the marriage contest. Bring trade goods, luxuries, or whatever you like.
Everen, I agree with your statement towards Nigma. Very suitable ;)
Today's arrival is the Oxford History of the Laws of England, Volume 6: 1483 - 1588. If anyone would like to know something about the period, let me know and I'll be happy to check it for you.
Once again, it's flood time. I may be unavailable during the next few days.
If any sworn-man take a woman against her will, his master is to pay the bride-price if his man cannot. - the Code
Sadly, there was no mock marriage today.
Today is the petty court. As usual, 8PM in Stromgarde Keep. Come one, come all.
Nothing wrong with the people of Alterac. They're good, honest folk. I trade with them sometimes.

But those nobles... Slippery, is the word. Very, very slippery.
- Thorbrin Jacen, Steelmonger c. 600KY

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