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Yes, we're still alive.
You guys can have Stromgarde back. As KoS is now gone.
See, all you had to do was wait! =D
There is no finer meat than raptor. Not for any quality of the beast itself. The meat is in fact greasy, and often cooked entirely too tough, with a strongly uninspiring flavour. The enjoyment comes from knowing that a beast that terrorized our ancestors for millennia lies gutted and scorched on the table for your pleasure. - Lord Arvlin, the Gourmand of Gilneas, c. 610KY
If a man slanders a noble or a servant of the king, he shall pay a debt to him of one gros, and to the King of one fylkirgros. - the Code
The Syndicate come in, and they take our home. They got drove out. Now this new bandit king come in.

I built this home with my own two hands. Now he wants to take it, and all my land.

He can come try his luck.
- Eric Grady, Farmer in the Southern Hills
Ask us about our struggle for survival!
While we are quiet and sleepy, we are not yet dead, nor will we be for some time. Term papers sap the time, the will, and the spirit, but my love for 'barbarian' Arathor continues unabated. Today arrived The Burgundian Code, the Laws of the Salian Franks, and the Lombard Laws.

Daily, Everen plans his war. Daily, farmers toil in the field, smiths at the anvil, shepherds in the hills. The spirit of the North cries out for justice against the Bastard King, for relief from the rapacious bandits who serve him, for deliverance from the years-long demise.

The old ways yet beat in the heart of the Hill-men, and in that beating lies the seed of Stromgarde's restoration to strength; to the glory it once possessed. Won't you join us in this?

The Kingdom of Arathor is the oldest Stromgarde guild on the Server. It is also, unfortunately, the one with the most checkered past. But together, we can create something wonderful. So, join us and bring succor to the weak, freedom to the enslaved, justice to the vile. If you cannot join us, show a face in the North. See the world we would build, and judge it by its taste.
and judge it by its taste.

Smoked? Hmmm... perhaps a hint of hickory as well?
Dark Riders introduces a strange form of weregild. Come join the people who've been practicing the wergild since before it was cool!
Death knights are Nordic.
Today is a sad day. As of the 22nd of July, 2013, the Kingdom of Arathor is shutting its doors until further notice. I'd like to thank everyone who gave our reformation a shot, who appeared at our events, and who helped create a couple of months of magic.
Well. That sucks to hear, Everen. :< Any particular reason why?
To put it simply, a chronic lack of interest in the flavour of the guild. Rather than keep trying to revive it, it's time to just accept that the server's not that interested.
I horrible birthday present, Everen.

What a horrible birth day present you have given me.

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