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Poets Sought:

The Kingdom is looking for a poet or two, to record major events and personages. What good is a nation of warriors without a rich poetic tradition to go with their spears?

If you like writing poems, getting drunk, and then writing poems that lead to blood feuds, try the Kingdom today!
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Wake up, thread. Wake up, and smell the ashes.
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Wake up, thread. Wake up, and smell the ashes.

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From vikings to software designers.
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A woman shall command the same wergild as a man if she takes up the sword; double if she does not. Likewise the child and the elderly man shall command the same if they take up the sword; one and one half if they do not. - The Old Laws of the Wergild
For the following, a man may kill without being declared outlaw. He may kill to avenge a killing, to avenge a violation, to avenge a grave insult, to avenge a mutilation, to avenge his torture, to avenge the kidnapping of his womenfolk or children. - The Code
The rocky and inhospitable soils of the Northern Foothills has created a uniquely weathered people, prone to stubborn pride and violent outbursts. These strange and primitive men are a window into our past, and into a society that might have been if not for the more enlightened men of the Arathi tribe... - A History of the Highlands, Volume 2
The symbol of the Arathorian Empire was the now-extinct Great Eagle, a bird of prey bigger than a man, rendered in ivory on royal red. Though the Empire is fallen, we see the use of the Eagle again and again, either for its connection to the Old, or its qualities of strength, majesty, nobility, and wisdom...

The Bloody Eagle was taken as sigil by the nascent Kingdom of Stromgarde, as it had been by the states of Lordaeron and Alterac, to reflect their role as the inheritors of the Imperial Legacy. But their true symbol became the Trollbane Fist, also bloodied, and often misinterpreted to be the Silver Hand of Tyr...
- The Heraldry of the Great Kingdoms
It lives in the woods, and eats the sheep.
It lives in the hills, and eats the children.
It comes out at night, and eats the horses.

It is the troll, and it is foe.
It hides from us, because we are strong.
It comes out at night, because it fears the light.

It fears the light, because the sun is made of fire.
It fears fire, because it cannot heal burns.
Fire is our weapon. Fire makes us strong.
- a now outdated Trollhunter initiation chant.
Pre-Imperial society was not without magic of its own, however. The songs and stories attest to the existence of a strange sort of psuedo-shamanic tradition, combining herblore with primitive shamanic and even druidic knowledge, and some burial stones also attest to members of this tradition.

Our nearest understanding is that these shaman-priests arose as a direct consequence of the Forngasthorgr that dominate the Highlands, but never attained the heights of shamanic power seen in our Wildhammer allies; instead, the stories speak primarily of very small magic, such as the conjuration of a light breeze rather than raging storms.

This ancient group of primitive shaman-priests is believed to have been replaced by the arrival of the Hundred and by the rise of Monotheism that occured shortly after.
- On the History of Highlands Magic
If a man kill the king, he shall pay ten thousand sheep, ten thousand cows, and ten thousand ounces of gold. - The Old Laws of the Wergild
Thoradin was not only a master strategist and a visionary; he was also an excellent judge of men. His first strike against the Strom illustrates this well; it was not, as is so often taught, a measure to cripple the warrior tribesmen of the windy coast and prevent them from interfering with the rest of the unification.

It was instead an attempt to win the respect of their chieftain, Ignaeus the Trollbane, the wielder of the Trol'kalar. Thoradin knew that to unite humanity, he would need the best and brightest of men at his side from the beginning; and so he chose to prove his worth to the fiercest and most loyal man in the Highlands.
- The Unification of the Tribes: A Perspective
If a man is tied above a mountain, cast bound into the waters, banished with magics, hanged and left for dead, or left bound to die of exposure, the wergild is to be paid even if he does not die. - The Old Laws of the Wergild
The most frequent encounter between Highlander and Troll is that of woodcutter and troll hunter, the only region in the Highlands in which trees still flourish being the damp soils of the South-East, which is coincidentally the remaining lair of those forest troll tribes that have not been entirely driven out.

Few wise woodsmen venture into the forest without some form of fire, and more than one man has disappeared while gathering lumber. The scourge of trollkind still plagues the villages in the region.
- The Troll Grimoire of 512.
To his great surprise, Ignaeus was not made the thrall of Thoradin, nor was he summarily killed. Instead, his conqueror made him an offer: Stand at his side as his right hand and help unite the tribes, or march alone into history to be forever forgotten.

Ignaeus accepted, and his first act as Thoradin's second was to lead the united tribes' warriors into battle against the nameless mountain-dwellers who overlooked the windy coast, and drag their leader before Chieftain Thoradin, who made him the same offer. Stand at his side... or be forgotten.
- The Unification of the Tribes
The fornmestmaorhorgr is the oldest cathedral of man, a structure of three immense granite stones standing against one another. The exact purpose of the site is now lost to the mists of time, but there can be no doubt that it is not coincidence that it is built in the very middle of the Highlands. This ancient site has ere been a refuge for men, a shelter from curses and witches, a place for prayer and contemplation, and a place for the old to die in peace.

It was here that the Great Emperor Thoradin first took upon his head the circlet of the Empire. That the site has fallen to such obscurity is a travesty, but even without it being remembered, it will endure for as long as mankind.
- Standing Stones of Arathor

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