Did your first character become your main?

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Just curious as to how many people's first characters (when I say first character, I mean the first character that you got out of the starting zone) became their mains and still are their mains? This was my first character, I'm getting bored to tears with him because he's getting stale, and am thinking about maining a new character. Can't stand the thought of lettin' ol' Wolfy go though :( my first flying mount, first healer, first heroic, first level capped character, first character through the delicious northrend.. the list goes on to the point where it would feel awkward for him to not be my "main"
My first was a Warrior that I played in BC. Then I switched to a shadow priest in mid Wrath and carried it over to Cata. Now I'm playing a DK.
This gal is my first character and still my main. I heart her big time :-)
Negitive. My 1st character was a hunter - got her to level 14 or 15, then I started this druid. The druid became my main and got to 80. It wasn't til a year or two later that I levelled my hunter.
1st was a Pally and I leveled him to 80 during wrath.

I switched to this Lock during Cataclysm when I got tired of failing at tanking.
No, my first character ever was a Tauren Hunter on a PvP server. I didn't play for a long time then came back during BC with everyone on a different server and played a Warlock to endgame. I leveled this Druid as an alt while playing him and eventually switched over full time. My Warlock is still at 80, though I'll probably level him eventually.
No :x I quit at the end of BC and came back and started fresh on Khadgar :) My other characters are still there, but I don't log on to them. I don't have the heart to delete them though ;p

♥ Aune
My first character over level 20 became my main for half of classic, but he was replaced.

There were at least 7 characters before him though.
Yes. I started playing because I saw a friend playing and there was this guy and he was a freaking tree. So I made a tree and it was my main in BC. Now I can't stand druid healing.
My first character was my main until BC, and then I leveled a priest. The reason why she became my main was because I thought getting to level 9 was hard and I didnt want to do it all over again LOL! So I leveled my mage until BC came out and then leveled a priest :P
yeah, my first toon (this toon) was my main from vanilla through BC when i quit for around a year or so.
I actually bought an account with a level 60 hunter on it when I was like 12. It eventually got banned because the original owner wanted it back and I would not give.

I then bought my own account and leveled a druid. My druid is and always will be my main. I'm just working on leveling up 12 other 85's

Yes I did.
Not even close :

First character (NE male hunter) - Currently on inactive account and not been played since TBC (level 70 now)

Second - 78th characters - Levels 15-85 all not being played much at all.
79th character - This one which is the only one I'm playing right now and created on Mists release.
Nope. This is my second level cap toon but she became my main.
I guess techinically no, my first character was a Draenei Shaman on my boyfriend's account. This was the first character on my own account and my main :D Only have a 2 year old account so not too many max level toons. I had 3 85s at one point but my shaman and deathknight are neglected now lol
No, I originally made a Druid which I got to lvl 40. Then I created a warlock played to about level 15 and decided I liked the class but a friend convinced me to switch to a newly opened server (Steamwheedle) so Sharm got created and she's basically been as close to a main as I've ever had since then.

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