Did your first character become your main?

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11/08/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Wolfmother
Just curious as to how many people's first characters (when I say first character, I mean the first character that you got out of the starting zone) became their mains and still are their mains? This was my first character, I'm getting bored to tears with him because he's getting stale, and am thinking about maining a new character. Can't stand the thought of lettin' ol' Wolfy go though :( my first flying mount, first healer, first heroic, first level capped character, first character through the delicious northrend.. the list goes on to the point where it would feel awkward for him to not be my "main"

Yes, and no... My first character was made on the wrong realm. I had started playing WoW to play with a couple of RL friends, one of which gave me vague instructions regarding the name of the server I should join to be able to play with them... I made an Orc hunter on the original realm, and then found out about the wrong server issue, and recreated this mage on the correct server... Since then, he has, and will always be, my main, and favorite character.
Yes! This is the first character I ever created in 2006 and still is my main today :)
3rd character.

Started as a Paladin. Ding'd 60 and realized my end game position was not what I wanted. Decided to try a Warrior and fell in love. Played my Warrior throughout most of Vanilla before creating a Rogue for PvP(city ganking was very appealing) Once BC dropped, I stuck with the Rogue and haven't looked back.
Did your first character become your main?

My 1st toon was/is a Tauren Warrior.

Then I discovered Rogues. <------

Many smiles there. :)
My lock is always my main and one I do my achievements on. Other toons get em when its convienent.
Nope. Became harder and harder to play as the years went on and so many changes happened to the class. Didn't want to not perform well so my first character is simply a farming toon.
My first character was my main all through Vanilla, but we decided to try the other side of the fence during BC. Then we jumped to another server and went back to Alliance for Wrath.

I can't say I have a main - I have too many alts that at one time or another I'll play more than the others for a spell before switching again.
Not on the least. YAY STORY TIME!

When I first started playing WoW in vanilla, naturally I was brought in by a group of friends that wanted me to raid with them. I've always been the kind of person to adapt to a group so I asked them what they needed. That was my first mistake.

Oh, we need a healer, they said! So I poked around and thought Discipline Priests looked kind of cool, so that's what I started with. No one really had time to help me level, despite the promises of "Oh, we'll get you to 60 in no time!" so I got to around level 27 or so with no help. I was actually pretty proud of that accomplishment at the time. >>

Then, someone hit me up and said "You know, we've filled in our healers recently, but we could really use a tank!" Okay, I guess... I didn't get too far, I can change what I'm leveling. I then rolled a warrior. I had a lot of fun leveling as Arms, and now that you could change your spec, I didn't feel like I had to level as something sub-optimal. I got really into PvP and had a 3rd rank title on a level 47 character... It was kind of ridiculous. But, I spent so much time not leveling that I wasn't going to hit 60 before Burning Crusade came out.

And at that point, I was approached yet again. "You know, since Horde are getting Paladins, we're really going to need a few of them..."


I never regretted the decision though. This guy has been my favorite character, and probably always will be. He has a personality as much as a rich history. Right now, though, he's taking a break. My main is currently my Death Knight. I'll come back to being a Paladin at some point, I'm sure. But I've learned throughout my years in WoW that sticking yourself to just one main character is a disservice to the rich gameplay that each individual class offers.
First character, not just the first one I managed to level, the very first character I ever created.

I don't plan on retiring Caden until I quit WoW altogether.
My first is long, long, long gone. 5 servers and 3 expansions ago.
only in TBC, then it got made into a farmer/banker
<--- first character he was a gobbles when I started. I will be rolling another gobbles soon.
My first was a troll hunter made at the end of wotlk, i was recruited through the raf system but as soon as that hunter hit i think 55 was the requirement i made a dk and that has been my main ever since. The said troll hunter was later deleted.
My main from start was this hunter. Played him during BC, stated raiding and quit playing WoW. Came back to Wrath and played a DK til MoP. Now I'm back on my hunter as my main :)
My very first was a Nightelf hunter back in BC , I don't remember what server that she was on after I deleted her . After comming across Blood Elves , I was hooked and that's where I made my hunter .
My belf mage was my first character to 80, first to 85 and now he sits forever alone until I get bored enough with my shaman/hunter/dk to level him. So he was my main for years and now I guess he's alt number 4/9.

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