Did your first character become your main?

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I was notorious for getting a character to level 14 and then quitting it. First shaman, then mage, then hunter, then finally I settled on my rogue. The only class that was able to hold my interest past level 14. And has been ever since. :')
Post from a deleted thread ended up in here instead of this one...

This guy was my very first character. I made him after seeing the awesome intro movie with the dwarf and the bear and haven't regretted it since. I remember how proud I was when I tamed Ol' Sooty (I think that's his name) in Loch Modan because he had a special portrait. I have 5 other characters I play but this guy will always be the main.
Started playing on a February...in fall that year I created the character that I got to level cap >_>

I lost count after 20 attempts to stick with a class.
First main was my human warlock on the Kilrogg realm until I levelled a Draenei DK.
I then made the DK my main for quite a bit until I took a hiatus off WoW.

After deciding to quit my guild and start afresh on a new server, I created Xaxas here and she's been my main ever since. Not that there was no challengers to that title though, since my Blood Elf Warlock (Since transformed into a human) was so much fun for me that I considered grinding dailies and such on her than my Mage. Sticking to mage though, even after transferring my DK over and all :)
My first character, a BE paladin, was going to be my main, until a level 58 DK, fresh from the starter zone, rode by me in the Barrens, and suddenly that paladin became a tool just to get to 55.
My first is still my main but just barely. Had 6 85s.
Favorites are hunter, druid, shaman, priest, pally DK.
Lets see during classic and Bc I had trouble picking a toon I really wanted to play. Started with a orc warr got him to his mids 20's. Then thought hey I'll try Alliance(worse decision I made). Do I picked up a human Pally in classic named him Kornrow after Cornrow Jackson from the Chapelle show lol.

So I lvled my Pally to about 40 then kinda got bored with him.

So I picked up a NE hunter got him out the starter zone, and thought man I'm a hunter irl This is a class I'll really enjoy sometime.

Then I thought hey maybe healing is fun lol. So I picked up a dwarf priest and focused on him for along time got him to 60 after along time. Lved him as holy(2nd worse decision i made). There was no duel spec back then lol.

Then in BC I heard alliance was gettin shammys and I made quite alot of friends on the alliance. But didn't know if I should focus on my Priest or a Shammy.

So BC came along and I decied to make my Priest my main I healed raids and that stuff. Then I lvled my shammy and did raids and pvp with him and my priest. But there was something that kept pulling me towards wanting to lvl my hunter. So I picked up my hunter and lvled him to 70 through mid to late BC. As I lvled him I realized I never got bored with him. But my priest was my most geared toon so I stuck with him for guild raids and such.

Then LK is about to come around, and I hear they coming out with DK's and was like awesome I always wanted a class like a Dk. Then I thought what should I focus on my Hunter or DK I never get bored with my hunter, But DKs look so awesome.

Then Faction changes came, I told my allaince buddies that faction changes would come one day they didnt believe me lulz. And at that time I realized I made a mistake with going to alliance they were childish and not my style could of been my server but oh well back on topic. So I faction changed and gavent looked back, and I decided to lvl my DK to 80 then lvl my hunter to 80 once my dk hits 80. Went good until I realized I missed most of NAxx and other raids while trying to split lvling toons.

So thats when I made the decision to make my hunter my main because I never got bored of the gameplay. So this guy is my main and havent looked back. So in cata I lvled this guy to 85 and fully geared before lvling any other toons to max lvl. And now with MoP I'm doing the same because I found that to be the best way for me to enjoy my gaming experience. So in MoP im focusing only on 2 toons at least for awhile this guy and my monk. Gonna make sure this guy is geared and stuff. I occasionaly lvl my monk when I can but I will focus more attention on my monk once this guy gets reps exalted and geared up. And this is the story of my main lol.

Sorry for the wall of text, now it's time for sleep lol.
<<First and main to this day! I fell in love with dwarves and my Hunter pets. I molest my pets frequently. (haha jk! *shifty eyes*)
my 1st character was a night elf druid that I made back during BC I made this pally at the start of wrath and it's it now my main although I do also go back and forth to my DK, Hunter and rogue every now and then
Yes/No. My first character was my priest. I kept it as my main through WotLK, but then switched to my lock. I still keep its' level up to date though, however it currently sits at level 85. I'll get it to 90 soon enough =p
I don't even have my original character anymore. Night Elf rogue, never made it to 60. I didn't want to be Alliance anyway though...

I rolled maybe 4-5 mains before discovering the joy of Shamanism - been with Shaman for 6 years since then.
my second. My first toon was a night elf hunter, he had a short but sad and tragic tale.

In early wow days, a male hunter took his first step into this new, wonderful world. He wanted to be a hero and so venture forth to help depend Teldrassil.

This mighty hero reached the venerable level of 10 before a tragic event occured. He fell in battle with a group of rabid beast and while the Titans were kind enough to bring him back to life, it is in the alien and strange plains of Westfall that he found himself.

Desoriented, alone and lost, he tryed to find his way on the world map he was lucky enough to carry. He failed to notice the close-by Human capital and instead went south, toward Booty Bay, where he hoped he could find a ship to carry him back to his home.

For hours he walked south, hiding from demonic and massively powerful lvl 20 wolf in the water as the beast could not swim in the time. He reached the northen part of strangletorn forest and quickly discovered that the water was not the safe heaven he believed as he was devoured by mass of piranas.

Having to chose between the death-filled river and the overun road, he decided to run closer to the tree. 17 time he died, 17 time he ran back, each time making a few more precious feets toward his goal.

After 3 hours of this hellish torture, he decided to stay dead and run as a ghost, hoping he could find a spirit healer closer to the town. He made it all the way to booty bay and saw a boat, he managed to run his spirit to it and found himself in the barrens.

Still far from home but at least on the right side of the world, This nameless soul, still a ghost, ran toward the town of Crossroad and finally found a spirit healer. Overcome with relief, he quickly arranged to trade life for what was left of his cloth.

But here does the tragedy truly hit. As soon as he accepted the bargain, a mysterious image covered his vision, and realise, when it cleared, that his body had been ressurected back at the northen part of Strangletorn Vale. With a cry of anguish, this hunter killed himself and deleted his soul forever.

...and then i made a human warrior :P
I started off with a Troll Shaman. Leveled him to 14 before switching to a female rogue. I didn't like being a female so I rerolled after getting her to level 45 and made a male undead rogue.

Since then I've deleted and created so many mains that I can't even keep track.

My first character was a night elf rogue. had intended it to be my main.
When i tried wow on my ex's account I fell in love with druids when I tried all the classes, the versatility suited me, then, I liked rogues, all stealthy and strategic.
I wanted to make my druid a worgen and I didn't have the cata expac yet so I rolled what I thought would be one of my main two toons, a NE rogue named Dhastardly.
Well my ex sucked at partner leveling and I got tired of waiting to play stuff so i needed a solo "ME" toon.

I got to thinking back about the classes I had played, and decided on either a shaman (one of my original finalists for a main) and a paladin. Paladin was the class I played the least when I was trying wow out, so I thought since I was messing around playign just with me and I'd have these other mains I'd just roll Kell here.

Paladins just really suited. There's something really epic and fun about them, ret and prot for me, ret mainly, so yup, Kell became my main.

My NE rogue contracted worgen lycanthropy later and turned into a worgen (love worgens).

My druid by the way, is still level 64.

How odd that is. The class I fell in love with, druid, and I can't get myself to level it to max.

P.s. I applaud the thread. I was honestly planning on posting this idea myself and was hoping I could get some blues to jump in and share some fellow player bonding experience with this. So yeah any blues happening by this would be a good conversation to stop by for a second and tell us your main's story.

On my first day in May of 2005 i created 3 characters: A night elf warrior, a human rogue and a human paladin. These 3 eventually became my first 60's (later joined by a night elf hunter).

Throughout vanilla I vied between my warrior and my rogue. I learned to tank in 5 mans and UBRS on my warrior, but he never raided. My rogue, on the other hand, was in a hardcore raid guild. i probably spent more time on the rogue honestly (raided from MC to AQ40 on him, he had my first epic ground mount when 1k was a LOT of gold, etc.).

My poor pally just kinda sat on a back burner. Ret was boring, prot was laughable and i didn't want to heal (and being a 40 man buff bot sounded oh so much fun...).

Enter BC and the fact that prot can actually tank now, especially in 5 mans (say it with me: CC means Constant Consecration! =D).

Draco becomes my main and i never look back.

Now i have lots of alts. I had 4 60's in vanilla, 7 70's in BC, 9 80's in wrath and ended cata with 10 85's. Yes, i'm currently leveling a monk. And yes, that warrior and rogue are still alive and well (though both still 85 as of yet). But with all of that, my paladin has almost as much time on him as all the rest combined.

So.. TL;DR: Technically my 3rd character became my main after BC hit. But he was created the same day as my first and second and was a 60 in vanilla so... i say again: sorta :P
My first Character was a druid. I made it to level 24 or so before I switched to my hunter, who was my main up until this expansion. I've switched my Monk to my main since I enjoy playing Monk and I am not limited to only DPS.
Nope. My first character was a night elf warrior(who I still have) that made it up to level 15ish before I started making alts.

I had a dwarf pally, that got to like level 5, I remember a night elf druid that got to like 10-12, I had a human warlock that was my first level 20 character, but I also had a forsaken warlock that I got to like 10.

Then I made my blood elf warlock and draenei pally on the same night. It was when I updated to BC and I pretty much didnt touch my warrior again for about a year as my Belf Lock became my main A and my Draenei pally my main B.

And it's pretty much stayed that way through the end of wrath and all of cata. Now my mage is my current raid main, but I still love my lock and pally. My warrior is still around, level 87, but she's never really competed for main status.
Yup, the very first character I created has been my main since then. Mind you, I've taken detours into other classes regularly, but I always return to that character.

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