Did your first character become your main?

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My first character I started was a priest, then switched to a mage and never changed my main ever since.
My third created character continues to manage to become my main each expansion, but my first created character always manages to stay current and at top level.
This guy was my first and has always been my main up until MOP, which i switched to help with raid comp. But this guy still is my main in a sense that i do everything on this toon, my raiding toon I pretty much just raid.
Since Day One :) My lady Arufina here has been my number 1 choice. I'm an altaholic to be sure, with five other 85s and 3 or 4 more 80s, my play time focuses around all my characters working together. For example, Aru just got done with Master of the Ways, which all of my 85s contributed to by planting the appropriate crops. I'll spend quite a few hours on everyone for various things, but since I started, I committed to making Arufina the Vanguard of Vanguard Arms, so to speak.
Yes until this expansion. My first character (Nov 2004) and my main through cataclysm is a rogue. Since I mostly PvP, I decided not to level my rogue this expansion.
My first was a pally, but didn't get past level 6 because I thought WoW was more like Zelda. My second was a warrior, got him to level 16 before deleting him (such a noob at the time, I didn't know about talents). My third was a druid, who is always my main at the beginning of an expansion. He was the first to 70, first to 80, first to 85. In Cata, I was able to make a gnome priest and played him religiously throughout Cata (he was my first PvP-centric toon). In MoP, my Altaholism got the best of me and I've been leveling a Mistweaver Monk ever since (I'm in love with the DPS/healing hybrid of Mistweavers and Disc priests)... none of my toons has stepped foot in Pandaria yet :(
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Just curious as to how many people's first characters (when I say first character, I mean the first character that you got out of the starting zone) became their mains and still are their mains? This was my first character, I'm getting bored to tears with him because he's getting stale, and am thinking about maining a new character. Can't stand the thought of lettin' ol' Wolfy go though :( my first flying mount, first healer, first heroic, first level capped character, first character through the delicious northrend.. the list goes on to the point where it would feel awkward for him to not be my "main"

My first was my main up until just after the start of Burning Crusade. She was so badly specced in her Retribution tree that I considered her unsalvageable; I couldn't make money on her, hadn't finished skilling up her Herbalism to make money off those mats, and in general was very tired of the Paladin playstyle at that point in time. I swapped over and made a blood elf Warlock with Burning Crusade, and she was my main up until just prior to Wrath of the Lich King, when I went back to the Alliance and made a night elf Druid. She was my main until about midway through the Ulduar patch. Then I made this Death Knight (who started off as a female draenei, then became a male dwarf, then a female draenei again, and finally a worgen, and he'll likely stay this way from now on), who's been my main ever since.

I love the Death Knight. I love the Druid second of all, and I love Hunters third.
My first ever made character (night elf hunter >_> ) was intended to be my main until guild drama pushed me to horde when I first started. Once BC hit though, he was my main through that expansion and only that one. Poor little guy is still stuck at 70 =\
My first character wasn't this one, but it was a Kaganfindel. I transferred it to another realm at one point when all my friends had left the game, and then when they came back before the cooldown expired I started him over on Lothar. A week after I hit the level cap again, they relaxed the cooldown on transfers. I'm sure it was to spite me, so you can all thank me for that shorter cooldown.
In Vanilla I rolled a hunter all the way. About mid way through BC I switched to a Mage for awhile and then right at then end I rerolled a Paladin and stuck with it all the way till now. At the moment I've been getting pretty tired of the Paladin and rollin' the Monk scene at 90, which has been a blast if you haven't tried. Pally has too many good memories though, so he would be too hard to let go of.
First character was a Paladin on Khaz'goroth in early 2005, realized I had rolled on an Oceanic server (it was recommended for some reason) then rerolled this Rogue a week later on a NA time zone server. He's been transferred around severs 3-4 times, faction transferred to Alliance and then back to Horde, race changed from Orc to Undead, didn't like Undead at all, so back to Orc and all sorts of other stuff. But he's been my main since.
First toon out of the starting area, yup, this is her. Always my first to level cap, always my best geared. And up until we had dual spec, always leveled as heals. I think the only reason that I didn't tear my hair out was because I always had my husband as a leveling partner, whether it was his lock (Classic/BC), his war (Wrath), his pally (Cata), or his rogue (MoP). I have alts and since BC, have always had at least one other at level cap, but Kar is my pride and joy.
This is my first and still main character.

Paladin because I figured (in my never-played-this-game mentality) that a plate-wearing healer would be a great benefit as you can take hits while keeping others alive. Dwarf because I loved the treasure find racial!

And yes, up until Cataclysm, I levelled holy from day 1! Then dual spec came in and I levelled as a tank.
always has and always will be this hunter been playing it since i made my account (the character itself has been through alot of changes though).
Jini was my first character in WoW, created her Nov 23rd, 2005. Fun thinking back about all the life changes I've gone through since then!

I created her cause I played a rogue in Everquest, and hoped I'd find a similiar playstyle in WoW. And maybe I did at first, but rogues have seriously changed shape!

I still love playing rogue, even though much of their flavor was deemed annoying and removed.

I might try another character someday, but only cause I need them for achievements now!
This is what I consider my first character, and has been my main primarily, although I've logged lots of hours on my priest, rogue, and now monk.

I actually have a 17ish warrior on exectus, but that was before I realized I had to be on the same server as my friends, so I abandoned him, I think he is still chilling in the inn in the barrens.

I also actually started a mage before Tuluka, after having just leveled a warrior to 17, and realizing I had to do it over because I started on the wrong server, I tried out the mage. I got bored of the mage and made this guy, and didn't level my mage until Wrath.
I created a whole lot of characters, I like variety. Of the ones I ended up working on seriously, the first was a Rogue (whom I still play occasionally), the second was a Druid (whom I also still play occasionally), the third was a Priest, and the forth was a Warrior (who's been collecting dust since BC).

Tasida was actually the 5th character I worked on seriously, but from early on, I really enjoyed the Hunter mechanics. During most of vanilla, people thought of me as a Druid player, despite the fact that I came to prefer playing a Hunter more and more. One of the greatest things about BC was that it offered a chance for players to redefine their mains. I focused on getting Tas to 70 first, and played her the most during BC and during Wrath.

I didn't play much at all during Cataclysm, but Tas was still my first 85, and the first character I worked on in MoP.
My very first character was a night elf druid. It's a troll now, but it's not my main and has been retired to a very comfy spot in Org. The same with my second main, a hunter, who is chillin' with my druid. This is not my very first mage, but a re-roll, but once I started really playing a mage, I was hooked. Other than a quick love affair with my death knight, a mage has been my main since.
My first character was a Rogue. I played her through the end of BC then she became my LW/Skinner for the Hunter and Druid I have. I no longer play her but can't bring myself to delete her even though I've since picked up those professions on toons I do play. I tried to play her a bit in Cata but never got past level 83.

I was just never any good at Melee classes :(

This priest was my 2nd character and has been my main pretty much since she was created. I do have a Resto Shaman I play almost as often but this one holds all my "grinds"...reps, mounts, pets, achievements, etc. and the majority of my raiding experience.

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