Did your first character become your main?

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<----First toon and has always been my main except for a 4 month period in very early Wrath.
I've always been partial to users of the bow. Chevy is my first and my main toon. I have a stable of other toons because I do enjoy exploring the other classes. But they owe all they are to her.

I started (in closed beta) as an Undead Mage. Then when the game launched I decided to play an Undead Warrior instead, raided MC for a bit and got tired of it. I decided that the warrior playstyle at the time wasn't for me, so I leveled a Mage and raided with that instead. I leveled a 2 Handed enhancement shaman after that, for fun.

TBC came out and I'd not played a paladin before, so I (regrettably) rolled a BE paladin. After hitting lvl 70 I found a raid group as a healer. I raided once with an ele shaman named Wolfspirits. He inspired me to try my shaman again, so I picked him back up, geared him ele and Nohorns here has been my main ever since.

It took me a long time to really find the class / spec that best fit my playstyle, but I'm happy that I hopped around, made alts, and kept my mind open to finding the right fit.

My first Character, a since deleted human paladin because back then, blizzard didn't know how to balance in vanilla and 3/4 of burning crusade... was my main until said ragequit. I came back and....made another paladin. So i guess my first character is still my main, even if only in concept.
Nope. I started a rogue, ended up with a druid main in vanilla/BC, then switched to warrior and have had a warrior main ever since. Might go monk this time. Depends on how much I like it.
Orc warrior in Vanilla and BC
Draenei DK in WOTLK
And now this guy since half way through Cata and loving it!
Sort of, I had two characters prior to this one (Who was human at first), but they never got past level 10.
This character was my first and has had my heart since I first made him shortly after the BC prepatch. First as a Tauren then Goblin in Cata, now Pandaren. I love the feel of the elemental spec and though I've been strongly tempted to switch to a class with better dps on a few occasions, I will always be Graknal first.
Nope. My first toon was a lock. Fun to play, but soon realized there was an over abundance of DPS. Created a resto sham and never looked back. The only other toon I played seriously was a pally tank. All the other DPS toons were just for kicks.
Nope! This is actually my second character on this account. My first character I created was a Female Tauren Warrior.
This was my first character and still is my main.

I've had issues during a couple of expansions where guilds didn't want a Holy Paladin and so an alt got to see more content, but whenever they wanted to find me I was generally on Solaria.
1st toon became Hogger food
2nd toon commited suicide by jumping in Ironforges lava pit
3rd toon which is this one became my main
No In fact Sabyrr who has been my main for years isn't even on my first account.

My first character was a Dwarf hunter that in my newbie confusion couple with the holiday event that has you running for coins of ancestry all over the place. ended up being repeat ganked by level ?? dinos in arathi and as far as I know is still a ghost in the graveyard there. LOL.

After rerolling I found out about things like boats and the tram and the hearthstone and did much better. :)
<-- First character I made. Didn't think I would like playing a Paladin at all, but it sounded neat, so I chose it as an experiment of sorts I guess.

She has always been and probably always will be my main. She's also my only character above 70. I love making alts, but they always seem to fizzle out before even hitting Outlands.

I've also never changed her hair or horns. She is just as she was on the character selection screen.
This guy was my first character, I started him in BC as a dwarf and loved it. I played him until about half way through wrath and then all my RL friends changed faction to horde so I changed with them.

It doesn't feel the same though, I even created a dwarf warrior with the same old name and everything just for nastalgia.
Took me three attempts for the game to even grab hold of me but it finally did on my third warlock. Though my true calling became clear in Wrath when I started healing with a druid alt. No going back now. :)
my first character was a hunter until LK then i leveled a DK and now my DK is my main
I'm a bit of an altaholic, so had to try out quite a few different classes until I found something that was right for me. In terms of progression, the third character i levelled to 85 (my shaman healer) became my main character used for all the grinding and stuff. My first was an undead mage, then a hunter, then I think I tried a DK, then my shaman came fourth.

I still have my undead mage and I do consider her one of my main horde toons, but now with account wide achievements, the lines are a little blurred. When I realized my heart was better suited for tanking/healing, I made a blood elf priest, that took over a lot of my progression on horde side, but I am finding at the moment, her shadow spec is actually much easier for me than actual healing, so for that reason, my original toon, might become a more dominant force again soon, given that dps has become somewhat easier this expansion, as getting a lot more help with advice on rotations etc in-game, which you never got before.

It's also the fact that frost was the spec of my choice as I just loved having my water elemental follow me around, but in cata that wasn't really viable for pve, but now it has become actually quite useful for pve, not just pvp, which is going to make my original toon much stronger. It is possible she will become a "main" again, but only time will tell.
I had started at the end of BC with my Lock. Unfortunately, I decided I rather be one of the Deathtards at the beginning of wrath so I stopped playing my Lock at her late 50s.

After that I actually ended up playing a Hunter for a long while and that's when I first started raiding, then I got tired of her.

Next was my druid, I leveled her and mainly was a bear but played resto for a little bit as well. While "maining" as my druid I deleted and leveled a new Deathknight and learned to play her this time around.

Continued maining as my Druid but then leveled a couple more toons, a Priest and a Pally. Unfortunately, people were mainly wanting me to heal all the time now and didn't like healing on my bear so I switched mains again, to a Shaman.

Actually Played her the mostly, throughout the entire last Tier of Wrath and up to Firelands in Cata. At this point the guild I was in need of tanks again and had been enjoying tanking on my Deathknight. So I switched to her and played her throughout the rest of Firelands.

Near the beginning of DS we had many guildies leaving and was now needing almost every role. This time I decided to try a pure again and begin playing a Rogue and finished Cata with her.

Now, we are at Mists and I was going to play my Deathknight again. However, I found out the new guild I was in didn't need tanks so I decided I wanted to play something I haven't in a long while. Thus, I am now back to my Warlock. :)

This is also why I just post on this toon instead of my "main". Because I have no idea who my main will be at the time. >.> Sorry for the long read as well. <.<

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