Did your first character become your main?

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Yep. Posting from my first character rolled, who has been my main all these years.
I experimented with several classes for the first few levels but my warlock was the first I stuck with past level 10. Can't remember exactly why I chose the class - I was advised that it was too complex and not a recommended class for new players. But I think I went with it because I saw from statistics that not that many people chose it. When I got my Felguard at level 10, my jaw dropped. He was so much cooler than me in my newbie rags.

I've tried other classes and specs since then and I enjoy them, but somehow my demo lock was always "really me" in a way my other toons aren't. It's ironic because I don't like long cast times, yet I stuck with her through the cumbersome Cata rotation. I'm thrilled to see the changes to demo in MoP - the more active playstyle fits me a lot better and the spec is a ton of fun to play now.
I've switched races since then, but this guy was my first toon, a male nelf back in july 06
Yep. Mild here has been my main since I started.
it was until MoP :)

but i switched from my mage to play my shamy a bit more and my new priest !
Vindicare is my first character and has been my main since 2004.

I've only ever had at most 3 alts that i've cycled through, and none of them have I ever really considered swapping to full time.
This be my main from the get go but atm I level capped and am rep grinding my pally...I got bored of this guy.
Way, way back. In Vanilla I had a mage that I played right up until work and until I had to go back to school for retraining(back in Wrath). But I did have a bunch of 60's that I'd play to fill back in the 40 raid days if there was a needed spot(usually a healer). I think she's got right up around 480 days played maybe 500 days played.

Then I got disillusioned with the mage class, and went healing(shammy). In Wrath when I came back to raid for a bit.
Started as a Rogue, deleted eventually. Tried Hunter, also deleted.

Finally went with Druid in mid-Vanilla. Hit 56 at end of Vanilla and he became my main for the start of BC. Eventually tried SPriest and loved it, and he became my new main. Then went Lock and he stayed my main until the near end of BC. Finally made this Mage in 2.4.3, a little bit before BC ended, and he's been my main ever since and to this day.

TL;DR: No. I deleted my first toon.
This is the first character I ever made Went through 3 race changes and a faction change but this is not my main at the moment my mane is a mage I made in cata but I do plan to levelto 90 and leave it at that.
My first character was a gnome warlock of the same name, that was my main until my friend made me get my own account. I then made a tauren hunter which served as my main throughout vanilla(I was 11 don't judge me). Then Blood Elves came out and I created Felanias in honour of my first class love; he was my main until wrath when I switched to healing on a priest through mid cata when I switched to not having a main. Felanias is my main again with the 5.0 changes. I love warlocks, my first class, my first love, and my favourite MoP class.

In other news I still have my first rogue made early BC, my first DK made early wrath, and my first paladin I couldn't afford to realm-transfer at the time so I remade him with the same name/face/hair etc in loving memory. :P
First toon I ever made 3 or 4 years ago, still my main.
My first was my warrior, originally Zachthekilla-Agamaggan, now Forgotenpain-Anvilmar. But my main is this toon, forever been Cybrok-Anvilmar.
my first was a pally and i loved her dearly. i had so much fun i power leveled her because i could not stop playing. ;)
but then came cata and i just could not make friends with her again. =(
as fate would have it, i found myself having to create a new account and with it new characters. i created my hunter as my first on this account and well... several other specs but i keep coming back to my beloved argy. =)
Wow, wasn't expecting this kind of response to the thread. I loved reading all of the responded :D

I've been playing my monk non stop (you guys would know him by Mistweave on these forums) and really tried to get in the swing of playing him. I love windwalker but it just feels weird not healing. The reason I haven't leveled wolfy here to 90 is because of the fact that I got the monk to 90 a week ago and I don't feel like going through the Dreadwastes or Townlong Steppes again :\ (leveling is making me nauseous)

To make matters worse, if I took Wolfy to 90, I'd have to start over on the dailies @_@
my first toon was a paladin back in vanilla, but i switched to a warlock in wrath and now i think i might main this priest for raiding reasons, still play my warlock however, but i have not played my paladin in years
I have only been playing a month, my first toon was a troll hunter, I've gotten her to level 45. I started Ellie here when my hunter was around level 30. While i was leveling the hunter, i would play Ellie here sparingly and try to keep her around 10-15 levels below. Then something clicked and i really liked the lock a lot more than the hunter for game play, the hunter still kills things faster, but i enjoy the lock more, they are just very different. I will probably go level the hunter to 50 next, and try to keep them close. I also just started a Panda Monk on a PVP server as a tank this week, i would like to learn the tank skill set, i tried a warrior tank and did not enjoy it, hoping i enjoy the Monk more.

I now consider this toon as my main.
Technically my second character. The first priest I made I fell off of Darnassus, had no idea how to get back so I deleted them and made this priest. And I never fell off of Darnassus again!

I was his first toon but since Wrath he plays his stupid Pally all the time.

All I get to do is pick flowers, make flasks and xmute stuff :(

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