[H]Tree Druid looking for Progessiv Pug Group

Resto druid 484ilvl

Available times Tuesday - Monday available looking for 21:00-22:00 realm time til 00:00 - 01:00 realm time preferable raid 4 times a week.
Art of War is a recently transfered guild looking to fill out a couple of key spots. It is a tight group with a few people coming from progression guilds looking for a more relaxed schedule. The main goal is to try and carry the fail Guardian druid thru the content.

Raid times are 10:30-1am EST Fridays and Sundays. Still waiting on some transfers as you can see by the lack of raiders on the roster at the moment so the first formal raid is scheduled for the 16th.

Whisper Wildspirit, Mooshoe or Aqusinna in game if your interested.
Hey Loxbagel! Hex is currently looking for a resto druid or a MW Monk for our progression. Our resto druid is moving, and we don't really know when he'll be back. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 9:30 - Midnight EST. Hex is 6/6 for MV, and we're progressing in HoF.

Feel free to whisper Lustfang, Screamin, Holicrit, myself, or really anyone if you have questions.

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