Who else basses class off of personality?

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What I mean by this, of course, is who else connects their character to their person? For example I choose classes that symbolize who I am as a person. As a result, I come to either the Monk, Hunter, Shaman, or Druid (not being cocky, I just love nature). As a result, I can't play a Paladin, Death Knight, or Warrior because in real life I am not the most physically fit person (I'm pretty scrawny) so I can't "see myself" so to speak as one of those. I also can't be a Warlock or Rogue because I'm also a pretty nice person. I would play mage too, but I can't stand the play style. I also can't play Dwarves or Gnomes because I'm really tall and playing a short character seems odd.

Who else does this? There are 9(?) million WoW players, so I doubt I'm the only one hehe
11/09/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Wolfmother
There are 9(?) million WoW players, so I doubt I'm the only one hehe

I'm sure you're not. I on the other hand am like none of the classes and would also play all of them if I had the time.
I have an ultimately nihilist view of the world and the temporary morals and constructed laws that will change over time. I see the world in black and grey because that's how it is. There is never an ultimate good, no ultimate evil: just perspectives.

I enjoy Paladins and Priests because they wield the Light; a real Ultimate Good that cannot do evil. I find that a comforting fantasy; to KNOW what is the right thing to do.
Originally I did. My first toon I ever created was a mage because that's what I thought was most interesting ("MAGIC?! YESSSS"). Then I realized I sucked at it (at least back then) and decided to play whatever I felt like.

I think myself to be a nice person too, yet I have a lock and a rogue o.O
Rather than create the character based off myself, I developed a personality as a result of the choices I've made, and that's really altered who I am.

In any game previously, I would always choose the archer type. I love archery, I do it in my spare time, and that's always been a part of me. But I really dislike WoW hunters, because they're much more about the pet than any other aspect of their character. You can't play the class without the pet. The pet, to me, feels like a crutch. I want to stand on my own.

I never, in a million years, would have thought I'd identify with a Paladin (let alone a male, as I'm myself a female). But this guy has become a big part of who I am. I've always imagined him to be a playful flirt, who's strong and confident in his skills, and fights for his beliefs, regardless of what others may think of him or his ideals. The whole Blood Knights storyline really took me in too - it was a pursuit of very sketchy power done only to try to rescue their own race from extinction. Something about that was powerful and spoke to me.

I can't say that I'm certain I'd be half as confident in who I am or what I believe in if I hadn't rolled a paladin.
Well mage and hunter i would be irl i love magic not exactly dark but magic in general and a mage is my highest character but i don't like the playing style of a hunter for me to want to play him i have a lvl 69 hunter though
I tend to gravitate towards playing a healing role :) My Druid is a Chickenmoose because everyone has those days where nuking some dragons is satisfying. Although, I do like that I can throw out some HoT's, Rebirth someone, or pop a Tranquility to help out. I also have a Fire Mage that is 85 but mostly because I wanted the ports ;p

I'm a nurturer, I like "taking care of" people so I suppose that the healer or hybrid role just fits me better :)

♥ Aune
when i first started playing i rolled druid (bc). i had a friend tell me about all the classes and i was stuck choosing between a shammy or nelf druid. i really didnt want to play horde so i chose the nelf. and im almost certain its cuz i like nature. i grew up in cub/boy scouts and going to a family camp just about every summer since i was 6 or 7 (not to mention fall as well) so i was around it constantly. and of course, who doesnt like magic at 14 :D
Somewhat.. I enjoy healing. I've noticed I have a hard time leveling a non-hybrid class and actually sticking to it for a long period of time. I tend to be a very caring person, and I love helping others, so healing just kind of speaks to me. Soothes my inner maternal instinct.
I don't know if it's based precisely off my own personality, but... I'm an antiNihlist, and the idea of playing the healer that wanders around and tries to fix things is actually very satisfying, when I think about it. And it would fall under those lines.
well, I have stabbed a lot of people in the back....
My main is and always will be a paladin (in any game I play that can have a paladin) it fits my personality.

However in WoW I hate paladin healing so when I'm in a "healer" mood I go monk.
I'm a corpse that causes the plague when I touch people.
11/09/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Aune
I'm a nurturer, I like "taking care of" people so I suppose that the healer or hybrid role just fits me better :)

I think this is why I love healing
I don't start developing my characters personalities until I've played them a while. And I have to feel connected with them in some way- so they all end up taking aspects of my own personality.

Juju here is my playful girl; but she can be serious when she has to be. My hunter is my "I'm serious" girl.

Now my undead rogue--- she's my psycho toon. She's been threatening "the jar" for a couple of years now.
Sort of. I'm a go get into it when needed type of person so I need melee abilities. I wipe constantly on ranged.

I can't deal with DK's because they have to kill/turn against friends/family in the beginning and I just can't seem to do that. I don't enjoy Horde as much since they seem sort of like a slave. "Do what you are told or die." Type of thing. Not specifically that, but that type of mentality, (Forsaken not as bad.) I am an independent person who makes my own decisions. So Alliance fits me much better. I do have a Tauren as well as a Belf, but I'm just not as fond of the Horde and rarely play on those alts.

I like healing but it's not a melee class and I keep wiping. Can't even get off the Wandering Isle on a healer. :P Just isn't my style. lol

So for the above reasons I roll this Windwalker Monk which fits my personality in reality fairly well. For height issues, I'm short in real life, playing a tall Pandaren is fun.

Before Pandaren and monk class I was a Prot. Paladin. I enjoyed that and will probably finish leveling that alt eventually.
Personally, I favor playing roles that let me augment and support my allies.

Being a healer came naturally. The ability to give other people extra time to (hopefully) correct their errors "You could have died for standing in the fire but didn't because of what I did." is satisfying to me.

Currently, I'm trying my hand at tanking, which is still a form of support. Taking damage, not running from it and trusting the healer to keep me alive took some getting used to.
11/09/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Wolfmother
who else connects their character to their person?

I do.

KC is a slightly more sadistic version of myself. So much that I can't see myself as anything other than a Warlock in this game.

Now, if only they added a bone sculpture profession...
I play undead male because he has a gangster lean like I do.

I have always been a support player, so healing came naturally.
Each of my characters has his or her own personality. I imagine them as a group of adventurers in the world that help each other out via the mail system. If I had to pick a toon that most represented my own personality I'd be out of luck. I don't really see myself in any of them. I don't play on an RP realm but I do talk in guild chat like each toon is their own identity. Years of DnD I guess :D

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