Thinking of transferring to Garrosh

Please do not troll, give me the info on this server, how is the pvp, pve situation? Is horde a joke? (i hope not).

Anything else to know?
It's a horde dominant server in both PvP and PvE, though not nearly as dominated by horde as it looks like Stormreaver is.

We're a rather low population pve server, and the lower part of that is alliance side, so don't expect as much !@#$ on the AH, or as stable an economy. Think around 1/4 of everything that you would've seen on Stormreaver or none. Don't expect too many pugs of current content either, nor successful pugs, nor to win too many Galleon spawns atm from horde. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend transferring to this server without a reason to most players, as you severely limit your ability to progress your gear outside of being in a top guild on the server, where this would not be the case on many other servers. This wasn't as big of a deal before cross-server content was added to the game, but alas, now it really does lessen the worth of many servers. However, if you have a reason, then by all means, as there are certainly still worse servers to xfer to.
^ I agree with Seven unless your looking to join one of the top raiding guilds on the server there really isn't much incentive to come over here. As our RBG teams are sub-par compared to most PvP servers and our player pool for pugs like Seven said is less than optimal for getting content down.
All servers are horde dominated, and the i dont want to be on a server where my side is 8x the other side, such as the few where alliance populatio is greater.

I am not hardcore, I dont plan to be downing hardmodes anytime soon.

Server pop i saw was 47 horde, 47 alliance. I dunno if that means active or total created characters.

You guys are horde, and I am alliance. I would like to also hear some alliance, and generally more perspectives.

Yes, stormreaver is !@#$. its 1:8 horde. And world pvp is a terrible joke, designed only for trolls and griefing. My guild is absolutely done with pvp servers, we do enjoy pvp though.
11/10/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Pidgeotto
actually alliance is more dominant in high rated pvp. if you look at the leader boards for garrosh you will see. Pve idk i dont do that !@#$. however u better off going horde, as im sure it will be a lot easier for you to find a team.

A very quick check of 2's/3's teams shows that while the top arena team on the server is on Alliance side, this is still a horde Dominant PvP server like I said in my post:
    *Looking at arena teams shows 8 teams on horde side that are 1600+, and only 5 teams on alliance side.
    *Looking at individual ratings for players, out of the 26 rated players that are 1600+ on the server, 16 are from Horde side, and only 10 are from Alliance side.

Not to mention that a lot of those horde players are just doing PvP as an aside to their main focus of PvE, and some even on alts, whereas that's not the case for all the Alliance players. The very top arena team may be alliance, but that hardly makes this an alliance dominant server in PvP.

Hence what I said holds true for PvP or PvE, and I wouldn't recommend transferring here unless you have a reason for either.

11/10/2012 01:26 PMPosted by Nightchild
All servers are horde dominated, and the i dont want to be on a server where my side is 8x the other side, such as the few where alliance populatio is greater.

A quick check actually shows that the majority of servers, by a large margin, are Alliance dominant and not Horde dominant (144/246 US servers are alliance dominant), and many of those servers have an even smaller disparity between Alliance and Horde populations than Garrosh does (i.e. even better than Garrosh horde vs alliance populations), so I'm not sure where you're trying to go with this...

Examples of just a few of the PvE servers that are alliance dominant with better ratios of alliance to horde players than we have on Garrosh: Saurfang, Kilrogg, Caelestrasz, Bloodhoof, Ysera, Nagrand, Khaz'goroth, Silvermoon, Baelgun, Uldaman, Sen'Jin, Velen, Fenris, Exodar, Trollbane, Gundrak, and many many more...

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