[A] [Origins] 6/13H 10M LF Hpally/Rshaman

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LF hunter for Sha prog
01/24/2013 09:52 PMPosted by Paybax
LF hunter for Sha prog

Such a fun fight, come join us.
Still LF a hunter.
fight me krabby patty
01/29/2013 07:48 AMPosted by Kursed
Still LF a hunter.

Come raid with me hunters.
Kal has alot more gear these days I hear. Plus isn't he dating that kursed guy?
You're not being a gnomie.
Bump for coining two heroic BiS items last night.
LF hunter
Windwalker monks now's your chance.
good morning
LF Hunter + WW monk
Still LF hunter
Early grats on the impending Sha kill w/in the next few days
Recruitment still open.

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