[A] [Origins] 6/13H 10M LF Hpally/Rshaman

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Still looking for the elusive hunter

Healers too!

No one has hunters...we're cursed to never have one as well.
No one has hunters...we're kursed to never have one as well.

No one has hunters...we're Kursed to never have one as well.


Now it's fixed.
where all the Healers at
friendly bump
Bump for Healers and Hunter
02/14/2013 02:58 PMPosted by Echoics
friendly bump

Thank you qt
LF Healers & Hunter
Dat appsss
LF Heals/Hunter
02/16/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Rabs
LF Heals/Hunter
LF Healers and Hunter
Hi Healers
Need Healers/Hunter
02/16/2013 06:36 PMPosted by Chamberzisiz
LF Heals/Hunter
02/18/2013 03:23 PMPosted by Chamberzisiz

Fail quote inc.
Bump for Kursed!
LF Healers/Hunter
Hello Sargeras

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