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ok it's Oct 14 302pm . doing golden lotus rep quest . i was going frpm Reved to exalthed . but it started me all the way back at revered .

ok it has happen again . going from revered to exalted with August Cerl . Faction .i was at revered this morning with a few points a was from it exalted .when i hit exalted it restarted me all the way back to the begining of revered . i have kept a close watch on my rep because it happen with my shado-pan rep also .Gm said he checked it out for shado-pan and it was fine . i had to work to it ( even though the game screwed up and started me back at revered again shado-pan and golden lotus ) . now it seems to be happening again but with August Cerlt. faction . i would like this Bugg to be corrected .GM'S Need to look alittle harded and correct this , please . if your thinking im trying to cheat your wrong . i don't lie and i wound not lie about this problem , sorry i don cheat a games .if you can't help me , give me Blizz Rep phone # so i can get it corrected.

seems GM's unable fix problem , say it's a bug .

this is like working for 2 weeks and getting nothing


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