Sunwell Plateau Question

I know it is a 25-man raid, but what is the minimum level to enter it (recommended level). There are some epic drops there and I'd love to get one of them. I know it is one of the most difficult raids in the game, plus it is quite rare that you'll see players going there.

So, what is the minimum level and if I can join, is there any chances I'll find groups in orgrimmar, or any other capital city. Any guilds out there doing old raids?
Not sure if troll.....

Sunwell Plateau is no longer farmed for the "Epicness" of the items. Groups only run this every so often in order to get the items required for transmogrification sets or achievements. The loot in this place will be useless to you once you hit about level 77. Your best bet is to level up to 90 and run it for the lolz later on.
Thanks for the quick responses! And yes, I'm new. Sorry!

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