Another wave of Class/Race combos?

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11/15/2012 09:09 PMPosted by Pyronaptor
We don't know that. The Elves could have discovered the Light on their own.

It is heavily implied that the Humans brought the concept of the Holy Light to both the Elves and Dwarves, as the Dwarven Paladins were part of the Human Paladin organization, as opposed to having their own, which the Draenei have, or having a different kind of Paladin order such as the Blood Knights or Sunwalkers.

The High Elves themselves were heavily implied to have learned the concept of the Light from Humans, probably when the two races allied during the Troll wars and the High Elves taught the Humans Arcane Magic. The Holy Light was also said to not be that popular of concept within Elven society, which also implies it rubbed off from the Humans.

Forsaken Hunters are Dark Rangers, like Sylvanas and Nathanos.

Humans just gained a class they should have had in the first place, like Blood Elves gained Warriors.

Yes, but the Elves were Rangers in life and in unlife were the only known race among the Forsaken to know the art of being a Dark Ranger, which is adapted from the art of being a Ranger, due to the fact the Forsaken are unable to use Nature magic. Prior to Cataclysm, Nathanos was the only non-elven Forsaken to know the art, in which he was taught by Sylvanas herself, which implies the Humans of Lordaeron did not practice the art of the Ranger.

The same is probably true for the Humans of Stormwind, as Lordaeron and Stormwind were essentially the centers of trade throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and did not need this skill and relied mostly on the military and magic for their combat needs. Around Cataclysm, the Humans had plenty of allies to learn from.

But at what cost?

The Sunwell was restored, sure, but lots of people died on the way.

For their ruthless nature in general? I agree probably quite a bit.

For M'uru? He was merely gifted to them by Kael'thas and held prisoner, and then subsequently taken when Kael'thas betrayed them.

So for just M'uru? They weren't hurting to badly, but in their conquest of power, they lost 15% of their people as a nation either following Kael'thas or joining with the Sha'tar, though I've seen no number given for who defected from Kael'thas, so I'll assume half.
11/15/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Pyronaptor
Blood Elves are too smug to pick up any beliefs or customs from other races

Why would they pick from another race? The Tauren didn't became Paladins due other people beliefs. It totally came from their own culture.

And, no, Tauren never believed in the light. The Tauren is based around shamanism and druidism. What Blizzard did was to pick their own culture and develop throught their own aspects ths new class combination.

What Blizzard was to state quite clear that there are different paths to use something. The church like human paladins aren't the "right" ones, they just have one of the beliefs that can lead to the use of light.

And even seeing them as "paladins like any other", it would only improve my point. You would basically admiting that Tauren learned a belief totally outside of their own.

Them becoming Botanists like Freywinn would be a step backwards for them in society. They'd be treating nature just like they treated M'uru, and see how well THAT turned out...

Why improving their skills to... improve... the quality of their environment is a step backwards?

The whole M'uru event was foreseen by the naaru and he let himself get captured on purpose. That's not a matter of "manipulating nature is bad due bad results".

Dwarves, Humans, Goblins, Orcs, none of them care about nature. They basically go on about destroying everything on sight if they have something to gain with that. Still, the story itself doesn't portray them as that bad, just people doing that for a reason.

How Blood Elves that value the nature, as schoolars, scientists, biologists, could bring an awful result as you say so?

Light nor nature means good. It just means light, it just means nature. They're a thing with their own traits. What they do with it is to their own decision, like all druids do. The Scarlet Crusade is one of these examples, they use the light, but apply it to what fits in their standards.

Not to mention, Night Elf, Tauren or any other druid aren't different. If they didn't use their druid skills to what they see fit, then all druids would be part of the Cenarion Circle, not the Horde nor Alliance. Druid apply their skills in fights that have nothing really related to the protection of balance. Night Elves and Tauren have the typical behavior or growing the same type of environment where they don't belong. The Gilnean ones were militia, basically. While Trolls, just look at Zul'aman and Zul'gurub.

They're not "twisting" the nature. They are using it the way they are, but not applying to the "natural balance" cause.
tbh im sick of class combinations.

We need a new class. [Check]
We need a new race. [Check]

Why not a new faction?

3 Factions. They don't side with the horde or alliance,, and it becomes a 1v1v1.

Maybe they try to destroy azeroth, maybe they reveal a new planet..
I'm more for new classes and races than class race combos, because with enough justification you could back up any class race combo. And the fact that certain races can't be certain classes,and racials are that last bit of races that matter.
tbh im sick of class combinations.

We need a new class. [Check]
We need a new race. [Check]

Why not a new faction?

3 Factions. They don't side with the horde or alliance,, and it becomes a 1v1v1.

Maybe they try to destroy azeroth, maybe they reveal a new planet..

Let's not screw the faction balance. No...
I think they should at least avoid giving a race access to every class.
Goblin monks.
We'd have an invasion of little green martial artists with variations of the name "Yoda."
Well as far as classes go, I would like to see Demon Hunter myself, though as far as races go, I'm not sure there's much more left besides subraces perhaps.

I myself do feel that if they don't open up every class to every race that one more wave of combinations is due, as there were quite a few that were left out that could easily be added.
no to all

we're good
Speak for yourself...
I'd like to see Worgen Monks and Paladins. Why? Because what's scarier than a martial artist? A werewolf martial artist!! I'd also like to see a Paladin order of Worgen who use their light abilities to bring their retribution to the Forsaken.
For the next Race/Class combos, would love to see:

Human Druids
Night Elf Paladins
Tauren Mages
Gnome Paladins
Troll Paladins
Orc Paladins
Tauren Rogues
Troll Paladin

Blizzard plz
I really dont know why they just cant open all classes to every race. If you think hard enough and look hard enough, you will be able to come up with reasons as to the existence of everything. Even if they are quite rare, players arent meant to be average joe bloggs from down the street, so its perfectly reasonable to think that we could play as a orc paladin or a human shaman.
The definite no-nos as far as possible are :

Nelf - Warlock
Belf - Druid
Tauren - Warlock
Goblin - Druid
Forsaken - Paladin
Panda - DK

This is all i can think of now
11/13/2012 04:32 AMPosted by Selesnya
So if we were able to have another wave of Combos, what do you guys they would/could be? Maybe some they could have easily added last time but chose not to?

I think a possible new combo would be Orc priests. The lore behind them is that falling the fall of Garrosh, a sect of orcs come to believe that the orcish people need more than shamanism in order to achieve a sense of balance. As such they turn to the allies and begin their own priests group as a result.

Another new combo I could see would be Draenei Warlocks. I could see this playing out as Velen reuniting with a group of Draenei who were thought killed. These draenei believe in a fight fire with fire philosophy. While the average citizen is cautious the aid of these warlocks will be greatly needed against a renewed Legion assault.
The definite no-nos as far as possible are :

Nelf - Warlock
Belf - Druid
Tauren - Warlock
Goblin - Druid
Forsaken - Paladin
Panda - DK

This is all i can think of now

None of them are impossible, just unlikely. It would be lame if every npc we came across was a blood elf druid, but since us heroes are meant to be super powered and unique in a certain way, theres no reason why we couldnt potentially play anything. Heck, if Blizzard realluy wanted, they would create really interesting lore behind the reasons as to why theres a small sect of Forsaken Paladins or Goblin druids.

Its a world of magic and spirits and elements. To say goblin druid is impossible is well, not correct.
Well out of all of the combos, the ones that I'd like to see and think should be added are;

Orc Priest
Undead Paladin
Tauren Mage
Tauren Rogue
Blood Elf Druid
Goblin Paladin

Human Druid
Night Elf Paladin
Gnome Hunter
Gnome Paladin
Draenei Rogue
Worgen Paladin

This is keeping in mind an even ratio between factions

Though I wouldn't be against allowing any race to be any class, as I feel it would be the most fair option to players, and we don't have any influence on lore and don't represent our races on a grand scale. Even if it was a rare combo without any precedence, they could simply choose not to write any lore in for certain combos.

Another Undead Paladin NPC. Come on Blizz make it happen soon :D
I think Race/Class Restrictions should be thrown out the window.

Why can't or wouldn't a race be able to be a certain class? We see these forbidden combos through out the game with other factions.

I know what most are saying about this race would never be this class because of the race's beliefs blah, blah, blah.

Last I checked, the characters we create are individuals and think for themselves.

Also, there can be a whole argument about us even playing Warlocks on the Alliance side.

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