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After prowling around i don't see a REAL feedback area.. so i chose this.. I've been with this game nearly from the beginning. But lately It just makes me sad. It used to be a lot of fun. Thats pretty well gone. Talents.. well it's been said before, but the are built for 10 year olds not players. I mean seriously.. can you REALLY individualize your character with these? NO. There was a time that well thought out points spent turned out a truly individualized character . I miss that. Now all warlocks are alike, all mages alike, etc .I went into a random dungeon the other day on a charecter I seldom play... a mage. To my horror, there is no AOE. Lets get real here.. point blank aoe on a squishy cloth wearer is not a realy good idea if you want to live .. and i do. But point blank is all there is. On my lock, if you eliminate all the fluff.. cute little circle you can bounce to and meaningless do nothing fill ins..and 3 pages of " passive " in the spell book... there are 3 or 4 usefull spells . Thats it.. No more thinking required. no more knowing your class required.. just hit these 3 spells and level instantly
The game is now built for 10 year olds and I imagine will soon be available on xbox. No ... I'm not flaming or trolling. This is an honest opinion. My sister just canceled her account for this very reason and like me has been here since day one. Many others I know have left for these reasons. Now its getting lonely here. My guild is almost empty. Oh the characters are there.. but not played.
and I am well aware no one really truly listens to this stuff.. so thanks for letting me get it out. I wish i could find a server that had Wow pre CATA..I'd pay extra to play there..(
No offense, but the way the tallent tree worked, at least from cata from what I saw, you either chose the same tallents as everyone else, or you were gimped badly.
Maybe there was some give and take on some skills, but that usually was for what you were speccing out for.

Saying the old tallent tree wasn't cookiecutter, is like saying I made these round cookies by hand, vs using a... well... cookiecutter mold.
Sweet necro!

Well thought out, constructive feedback isn't as important as we're expected to believe.
In the last week, there was a topic which capped 2 threads, and was locked during the third.
(for no apparent reason)
It was well within the CoC.

Apparently we're only allowed to /hug gnomes and show off transmogs.
No serious discussion is permitted.

thank you thank you.. grammar class is over.. back to the discusion

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