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We must have missed all the awesome feedback in the forums that led to this expansion. Things like "Please, lock all the progression gear that offsets bad RNG behind multiple levels of daily quest grinds." Or maybe "I hate all the variety and options that having geared alternate toons gives me." Or how about "Please take all my spec and glyph options and make them boring and meaningless."

However, I can totally see the terrible LFR Loot implementation coming from "feedback" (<cough>whining</cough>) such as "It's so unfair that everyone with an off spec can roll on the same gear I need for my main spec" (ignoring the "bonus" of course...).

That article isn't insightful or interesting. It's just plain lame. Your ship is sinking blizzard. (Google "Blizzard subscriber charts") If your feedback works the way that article outlines, it's no wonder.
I took part in both the Cata and MoP betas. The feedback system for the Cata Beta, and PTR was vastly superior. In Cata after you finished a quest or dungeon, an in-game survey would pop up, and asked you several questions like: Did you enjoy it, find it too easy, too hard, etc.... It also had a place to report any bugs you might of found in the quest/dungeon. We could be open, and totally honest about our feedback as the only ones who saw it was Blizzard.

In MoP Beta &/or PTR, we had none of this, all feedback was done through the forums only. I tried to give my feedback in the forums, but the flame wars, forum, and in game harassment, made it too much of a pain in the neck to deal with. Also since we couldn't even open a ticket, if we found an exploit we had no private way of letting Blizzard know about it, with letting the whole world know as well.

So if Blizzard really wants good honest feedback, give us a way to do it without having to worry about the forum trolls.
While you're 'round these parts, I want to draw your attention to a well-written, insightful article by Matt Rossi over at WoW Insider. It's a great point of reference when you consider some of the statements we, as Blizzard employees, tend to consistently reiterate.

"[url=""]How feedback works and why it matters[/url]" via WoW Insider

Food for thought!

With love,

Yea well as much as i would like to believe you, i played an Ele Shamn for what? 6 yrs? and i pvp. Back in late Vanilla/ BurningCrusade i used to see lots of very constructive and well thought out posts about what was wrong with them.

Not one thing was ever done that was needed. Ok maybe mana regen got better.....but that was just a side effect from PvE right?

Today they still have exactly the same problems they had back then, 7 YEARS LATER!?!? This is just ONE example as to why you don't get the respect you think you deserve.

ps: Don't worry i get it now, Blizzard believes they are supposed to be easy to kill........... and Blizzard knows best.

pps: No, i didn't read that link. I don't need too. I have seen the proof with my own eyes over a very long period of time.

What constitutes a "fanboy" in your opinion? Someone who agrees with a design decision? Just because someone agrees with one things does not make them agree with everything Blizzard has done.

The ones that totally agree (with hatred) about everything blizz does. You've seen them on here.

If they out leveled the zone take the heirlooms off simple fix.....
If you don't want to fly because you want world pvp don't fly....
If you complained about how easy it was to get VP gear don't buy it....
If You want a tabard to run dungeons buy one....

so now all those are simple fixes

So blizz fixed what a player could have simply did themselves?

And yes to easy dungeons that goes with the same old concept...Raids not to easy MMO had the %'s up the other day not to favorable in the easy department...

feedback is that of the majority not a select few........
First of all, you machoists should go resub to Everquest. It's still running and I hear it's still kicked in the balls levels of grind.

The thing that absolutely infuriates me more than anything about this entire daily/CRZ saga is that Blizzard has this awful tendency to grind content into the ground and then throw it away.

You want to get people out into the world? Drop this daily area/rep crap. It's a terrible way of doing character advancement post-level cap. It stuffs way too many people into a small space to do something that some people absolutely hate. It's not World of Warcraft anymore than sitting in town with a tabard waiting to queue. It's "Certain areas of Pandaria of Dailycraft".

You guys have been working on all this scaling tech so use it! Turn the entire 1-60 Azeroth into a giant daily playground! Once you get to 90 you get an option to turn on scaling to bring you back to an appropriate clvl/ilvl upon entering an area of a zone. You'd still have all of your 90 skills, all of your 90 mounts but you could redo the content you love as much as you like. Every quest you complete would get you level 90 levels of exp and gold. Every 10 million exp you get a token. Bam. You got people out in the world doing the stuff that they really want to do instead. Turn on CRZ for scaled/appropriate levelled players only and PvP becomes a bit more fair/sane. Trade in half a dozen tokens or so a week for some piece you need to make a 489 piece just like how you gate Elder Coins now.

There's your casual progression. Or people who just like/prefer questing. Because it really is a shame to have 60 levels worth of already made content just thrown on the scrap heap.

feedback is that of the majority not a select few........

Then the forums feedback doesn't count because that's all it is, is a select few.


Then gives us a legit feedback system in game.....oh wait can't do that then they will really see we only listen to the top guilds a few selected others.. IMO
They love feedback so much that they completely removed the suggestions forum lol
11/14/2012 11:17 PMPosted by Tomaxx
It's called telling a story, you don't read a book get to chapter 30 and go back to chapter 10 to have the person that was put in jail free again to be caught yet again.

Really because I went back to Skettis day in and day out and those silly twits were always getting recaptured.


Then gives us a legit feedback system in game.....oh wait can't do that then they will really see we only listen to the top guilds a few selected others.. IMO

Actually they sent a poll to peoples email at the end of Cata.

Huh funny I nor my wife got one!!!!!

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