<Retaliation> 10 man Recruiting

The Retaliation main raid group is currently recruiting exceptional healer preferably of the following classes:

    Restoration Shaman
    Restoration Druid
    Mistweaver Monk

This group is a potential heroic team which raids 8:00PM - 11:30PM Wednesday and Thursday. We are currently 6/6 MV Down. Our current raid comp is as the following.

A potential recruit for this team should have at least 470 ilvl, fully gemmed and enchanted. We're looking for a player with raiding experience of this content. Looking for raid doesn't count.

Also recruiting:

We are also recruiting for our pvp aspect of the guild. We are looking for members for our RBG team. We are looking for:

    Prot Warrior
    Resto Druid
    Resto Shaman

A potential recruit for this team should have at least full dreadful geared. Contact Zulelka

About us:

Our guild is close knit, active, and there is always someone on to do something. We have a Vent server.

Zeroro ( battle tag: zeroro#1424 )
Psykho ( battle tag: psykho#1729)
Zulelka GM ( battle tag: pwilz#1881)
Also, Seeking a DPS preferably a lock
Still looking for a DPS and a healer

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