[H]Gravity 9/13H 10m Recruiting

Gravity is recruiting for 10 man progression raiding.

We are looking for ilvl 522+ minimum, but our groups average is about 540. Please have experience being a core member of a long-term raid group on the character you wish to join with, including experience with most encounters this expansion. A previous history of heroic mode raiding is strongly suggested.

Our raid schedule is Tues Weds Sun 8-11pm server time.

Tier 15 : 9/13 Heroic
Tier 14 : 6/16 Heroic, Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor
Tier 13 : 8/8 Heroic, Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider

Videos of our first kills on each boss including vent recording are available at http://www.youtube.com/user/skier3284/videos

We try to foster a friendly, competitive atmosphere focused on learning, teamwork, progression, and efficiency.

We require that you are age 18+, commit to our raid schedule, have a functional headset, and are able to speak on vent to coordinate with other members of the raid. Also you will need a dependable internet connection that will not disconnect every day.

Please speak with me in-game for more information.

Gravity is level 25 and offers free repairs, potions, flasks, and feasts to raiders. We will periodically offer recruitment incentives to skilled players in critical roles. Always accepting casuals/friends/standby raiders. Willing to consider applications from exceptional players of any spec.
I have bandages, Recuperate, Leeching Poison, and Healing Potions.
Bump for updated recruitment info, hoping to get people for this Tuesday!
Can I get a signing bonus?
Still need a tank and a hunter
i might be interested in that spot i also have a dps os that isnt to bad. i can roughly do around 50ish as dps but would prefer to tank if ur interested jus let me know or shoot me an email mikejones2909@aol.com im in washington right now and ill be back on the 30th. so just shoot me and email and let me know. also not looking to be on the second sring looking for a solid grp of good people and fun people to raid with for the new raid coming out. ill be waiting.
updated recruitment/progression info.
Really need a warrior tank! final progression push of 5.1 and getting set up to move quick in 5.2
Also need a really good dual-spec priest!
Updated recruitment needs. Willing to pay 20k sign on bonus to an exceptional tank.
Bump for updated progression and recruitment needs. We really need a melee dps , I am so lonely
Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor
Updated info for tier 15.

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