Movement Speed Enchants

Just noticed that a Fleet Primal Diamond (+432 Mastery and Minor Run Speed Increase) and
Enchant Boots: Pandaren's Step (+140 Mastery and Minor Run Speed Increase) do not stack.

Both give an 8% movement bonus but they do not stack.

Is there anyone who knows why? Is 108% the max possible movement speed with Enchantments/Gems and what not?

Thanks. Usually the description would say that 'this does not stack with other movement...' blah blah but it does not say so for the Enchant so I would think it would stack/ Is this an oversight or Blizzard actually has a cap on run speed?
Gear based run speed enhancements have always capped out at 7-8% (unless you're a druid with the feral pvp gear).
They do however stack with certain talent/buff enhancements so they can't say it doesn't stack.

I know for a fact that it stacks with death's advance and will stack with the WW monk stance.

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