<Intent> 13/13H 25 Man is recruiting!

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<Intent> (13/13H) is recruiting exceptional dps and healers for our core raid.
Recruitment for the main raid is currently open for (ALL skilled players will be considered):
- Mages (Medium)
- Holy Paladin (Medium)
- Resto Druid (Medium)
- Disc Priest (Medium)
- Hunters (Medium)

We are looking to recruit several players for a 100% raid spot.

Intent has been around since BC (under a different name back then) and is a great community with well-rounded people. We ranked US#26 25 man in Dragonsoul, and US #37 25 man for last tier. We are currently US #21 25 man (as of Wednesday, June 5th).

Main raid schedule: Monday-Thursday 7-11PM MST. We will not be recruiting mediocre players. If you are skilled, you must prove so with logs. Apply at www.intentkt.com OR get with Gorexar, Jenownz, Apollyonn, Zserub, Aluje, or Bobletide to set up a vocal interview with the officers. We typically do not recruit for the bench. If we do, we will tell you the approx. amount of bench time/raid time you will get. We have a very laid back and enjoyable raid environment, but cut to the chase and serious up for progression. Having a good attitude is also very important. Respect is a very big deal.

Casual/pvper invites are currently CLOSED due to a very bloated guild roster.

There will be a 10 man alt raid (may be bumped up to 25 man if we can get the players) on the weekends. If that is something you are interested in, get in touch with one of the officers listed above. Again, mediocre players will not be recruited for our raids. If you do not have the logs, gear, or experience, DO NOT apply.

Good luck potential applicants!
11/08/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Jenownz


- Elemental Shaman
Oh ill do that ele dips. you know you want me!
Intent's a pretty cool guy.
Dragomir you look silly.
why I'm wake now
good morning intenternet
11/08/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Pat
Intent's a pretty cool guy.

This isn't a frost dk wtf
Hi Dogguy
The lot of you are rediculous
Nah just dragomir!
Intent's a pretty cool guy.

This isn't a frost dk wtf


"frost dk damage is literally your damage with all CD's popped" - Daggy
You're Bonqers.
Wow i didn't realize Drag knew how to get on KT forums lol =0
I love dragomir
Me too

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