<Intent> 13/13H 25 Man is recruiting!

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H Ji-kun down. This boss is absolutely NO FUN.


Nice going.
congrats guys! Yeeee
congrats guys! Yeeee

A Wild Dagglet Appears!
04/03/2013 05:19 PMPosted by Powersofpain
congrats guys! Yeeee

A Wild Dagglet Appears!

I SHOW UP on occasion but my account time runs out on the 8th so no more free bumps until i maybe re-sub after exams
I <3 my guildies and I also <3 purple, but you all knew that by now.
6/13h !!
Heroic Council down.
council down ! weee did it, sick bench ddos #thisisntgucci
Grats on council guys! nice job
great work team
Jenownz is a nice lady. Dagglet is a very rude lady. Ballyhoo was a tease
Awesome work everybody!

I would like:

Chinese dumplings (steamed)
Boneless spare ribs
Pork fried rice
General Tso's chicken
Some eggrolls
Back to the top with yeeee
I'm planning on moving back to KT from a 5 month hiatus. My gear is sort of lacking, however before I quit I was in the #2 US 10 man Guild. I have some not so serious logs from this guild I am in now, was just helping them out. Let me know if you're interested in a great mage ;)
Heroic Iron Qon down.

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