(A) Want a hardcore progression raid team?

Mostly everyone on the server knows Chaosj and the raid atmosphere he brings to Lightbringer.
Some like him and some hate him, but he gets !@#$ done. He is really an exceptional raid leader and he wants to stop using pugs and make a solid 10man group that can compete with the best guilds out there. We want to run with the same people every night so if you are not happy and want a progression raid team then you should consider RNG.

We have been raiding every night since MoP came out to try and learn fights and progress through current content before it gets nerfed. RNG is currently Ranked 9th on Lightbringer on wowprogression.com. We downed Heroic MV 1/6 and Hof 4/6 hoping to clear Hof before weeks end.

Things will calm down and we will go to a set raiding schedule soon but for now we are hitting it hard just about every night.

Currently we are running (2) 10 man groups. Our core team consist of the hardcore progression players and our 2nd 10 man consist of more casual people who like to raid and are learning at a slower pace.

To be considered for the core team you must be an exceptional player with great raid awareness. You must be fully enchanted , gemmed and in PvE gear. You must prove you can hold your own, we don't carry people. you must hold 90%+ attendance because if your not on we can't use ya. I can't stress enough that this is Hardcore, you will be tested to the best of your ability and you will be called out and maybe embarrassed or get mad but thats all part of the game. You want to raid end game content? you want the nicest gear , achievements ? Challenge mode Transmog gear? Lets get started...

Core Team has openings for:

Tank with a dps os
Resto Shammy with dps os
Spriest with healing os
Any other exceptional players will be considered.

We start forming at 6pm server and raid until we decide to stop for the night. If you wish to try out for our Core Team get with me in game.

If you like to raid and would perfer a more laid back slower pace you can also get with me and I'll get things going for you as well for group 2.

No more excuses guys now is the time to act !

Recruiting Officer
Would be awesome if you guys had a raid schedule to ponder over...
chaosj never quits be ready to raid like 12 hours a day lol
holy crap you have raided everyday and are that progressed?

In this case, "hardcore" and "progression" seem to be completely independent of each other lol.
What is wowprogression.com? I'm new to this game, so I don't know about all of this new stuff.
And you're advertising for RNG but you're posting from a toon in Toxicity. Confuse.
chaosj cant keep a steady core? :(

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