[H] The Bloodmoon Darkwolves 4/6MV Recruiting

<The Bloodmoon Darkwolves> are looking for more dedicated raiders to fill in some spots in our progression group, as well as the roster. Raid times are Fridays and Mondays @ 8:30pm EST/Server. We are currently 4/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults.

Priority is on one ranged DPS to fill an immediate spot, preferably a skilled Hunter or Elemental Shaman. Boomkins and Cloth casters are also being accepted to potentially take needed spots in the group and serve as backups.

Tanks are needed to serve as backups, though a full time plate tank may be needed in the coming weeks. Healers can serve as backups as well, and may receive a full time spot if roles are swapped in the group.

For all classes, a second raid group is also in the works.

PST/Message Adnirac (my main) or Maat/Tabias (monk/druid alts) for a chat. Thanks!
Bump to reflect change in recruiting priority.

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