Arena Exploitation and Win Trading - Updated

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Account wide achieves. If I had 22 this season on my dk I would have the gear on lol. Didn't leave a team. Everyone else is farming exploiters, why can't I?
11/13/2012 10:08 AMPosted by Nazdrag

Doctor-octa-banhammer-pus, BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
If Blizzard wanted to promote fair play they'd fix the rampant CC in Arena/PvP. No wonder people are exploiting lmao, blizzard doesn't see that groups are skipping the teams that have massive CC. I'd cheat too if I knew how. FIX PVP!!!
If you cannot strip achieves/reset MMR should actually come out and say so.

Rather than just stripping gear and giving temp bans to people atm and making more people rage =/
Exactly what we needed. It's still going to be strange with rank 1 teams who weren't exploiting this (directly) sitting at 3k where the next team is 2600. We'll least that's fixed the right way GJ blizzard.
Yes further adjustments needed, look at the obvious ones who got the MMR AND left the team to remake it
Thank you blizzard, good steps in the right direction
Good show blizzard, although 3 days is a light suspension, removal of achievements was a desire I thought you would never go through with.

Although your developing philosophies have changed little, your desire for sportsmanship has evolved very thoroughly, I thank you for this.
I hope this is account-wide and not only to the exploiting character. Does anyone know if it is acc-wide?
I'm more worried about the people that aren't going to get penalized because they are innocent under a technicality. Such as those that intentionally queue'd into teams using the MMR exploit.
just got banned on eu.


This is to inform you that action has been taken against your account. Please read on for further information about the action taken, and more details regarding the reason: Account Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
World of Warcraft Account Name: XXXX
Type of Violation: Exploitation
Category of Violation: Arena ladder exploitation
Character Name Involved: XXXXXX

Account Action:
- Suspension (72 Hours)

Character Action:
- Arena team disbanded
- Arena achievements gained in Season 12 removed
- Season 12 PvP gear removed
- Honor and Conquest points removed

Circumventing normal game mechanics has a negative impact on the game experience of other customers.

While we regret to take this type of action, we have determined it to be in the best interests of the World of Warcraft community as a whole, and for the integrity of the game.
Please note that should any further violations of our Rules and Policies occur, this incident will be taken into consideration when determining the consequences for your account. This could include further warnings, account suspension or account termination.
Also note, you must log into the game after the suspension has expired to update the status of the account shown on your Account Management page.

For further information, or to review our current Rules and Policies, please refer to:


Game Master Draemetone
Ingame Customer Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

Shít just got real.

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