Arena Exploitation and Win Trading - Updated

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Suspend and reset ladders. This season can't go on longer than S11 anyways.
Does this include RBG win traders?
there's 2 E-celeb doing this and i can tell you who, but you need to send me a tell in game and i will tell you and i'm pretty sure you know who are the 2 and they are very proud of showing and letting the whole world know, as blizzard won't do a thing about it to them.
I'm glad blizzard is serious about this and taking corrective action on the offending players, I fear it may be too late but at least it sets a strong precedent for the future.

Thank you
11/15/2012 05:07 AMPosted by Donn

A 72 hr ban, as has been explained previously, is the LAST step on the penalty volcano. Basically, they got bumped all the way up to the 'last chance'. Some people will use that time constructively to reconsider their actions and play on. Others...well they'll eat the banhammer than complain on websites that Blizzard 'isn't fair' or some such other faux argument.
Daxxarri, please don't forget about the RBG MMR exploiters and win traders. They've been here since last season and it's painfully obvious on the ladder when we see people with 3 wins at 3,000 rating; something virtually impossible when the cap is 192 max points per win.

1) Clear the exploiters. They're obvious and the highest rated is only 2544 this season.

2) Clear the level 85s off the ladder.

3) Fix the EoTS statistic glitch in which every game played counts as a loss.

4) Negatives on the loss column.

Once again: RBGs are mentioned no where in your initial post about exploitation, Daxxarri, do not forget about us too!


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While it is encouraging that Blizzard is finally acknowledging the blatant exploiting and win trading that takes place in arena, it is slightly discouraging that it is still being ignored in regards to RBGs. For many seasons now win trading and mmr exploiting has also been taking place in RBGs and yet nothing has been done, nor has Blizzard even so much as acknowledged it.

This season is no exception to past seasons. Anyone that visits the current RBG ladder can see that individuals are once again win trading and exploiting mmr. Some individuals are involved in such extreme cases as to have 2-3 wins and a 2700 rating. It is very hurtful to the RBG community when this abuse goes unchecked. It not only lessens the accomplishments of those who legitimately obtain rating, but it also hinders individuals in obtaining Hero of the Horde/Alliance when exploiters are allowed to take the top spots.

RBG exploiters and win traders are never removed from the ladder, thus they have the ability to continue to negatively effect the entire community. It is my hope that as Blizzard begins to acknowledge the seriousness of arena win trading and exploiting, that they will soon do the same for RBGs.
Arena team deletion
Character MMR reset to 1500
All Conquest gear removed
Conquest earned tally reset, as well as all Honor and Conquest points removed.
All Arena achievements earned since the beginning of Mists of Pandaria removed.
3 day suspension

Not bad.

I really hope you follow through with that though.

Also ladder reset would be cool but w/e...
Will blizzard still take action against teams who (after getting their t2 gear) deleted the team?
Resetting ladder ? Wont do much
Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I embrace the heat as much as possible!
11/15/2012 10:09 AMPosted by Bándet
I don't know exactly how this should be dealt with... but it SHOULD be dealt with somehow. They benefited from the situation just as much as the people who abused it, even if they didn't mean to.

The only way to completely resolve this, and prevent season 13 ratings from being whacked out, is a complete and total reset of every team who queued during the exploit.

That's also a LOT more tedious and time consuming than just resetting everything. Besides, if you're of the mind that people who are 2200 players will always be 2200 players, it's not really much of a problem to reset their MMR. It'll take them a little while to get back to their "true" MMR, but it'll fix the MMR problems once and for all and it won't take a decade to have the fix implemented.

There's no way to fix the problem without it having an impact on everyone on the ladder; to be honest, the whole ladder should be impacted the same. Honestly I doubt a 2100 player would be too happy if they were reset to 1500 while players who were only 100 rating higher than them sit at 2200. It's best to just completely reset the ladder and MMR.

You'll probably have a lot more critique of balance then as well, when players who were 2200 players in Cataclysm have a hard time dealing with the 1800 bracket because of the idiotic amount of burst and CC in the game. I've had multiple 2200 players comment that the skill required to play 1500-1600 with certain classes is a LOT higher now than it was in Cata, while other classes can pretty well faceroll their way to ratings that they wouldn't have been able to in Cata because of the egregious changes in balance that Blizzard didn't think warranted an MMR reset at the beginning of the season.

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