Arena Exploitation and Win Trading - Updated

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so, i may be a bit slow, so deal with me here for a second. if one player gains wins because they can just stomp it, and another player gains wins because they can stomp it. say chance brings them together, or somehow they meet up, realize they are both good players and go on, is this win trading? or is the process of helping out people who arent as good, and playing with them to maybe help them out so they can try and improve win trading? i really enjoy pvp and i may be somewhere in the middle of this good vs bad thing. i'm not a noob, yet i'm no rank 1 either. i just wanna play cause it gives me something to do and achievements are nice to get. shooting for over 2k this season. gained some nice rating last season cause i started playing with people who were a bit better at what they did. just want to know, that's all. second over.
I know I might get some hate for this but.. If this is their first time exploiting please kindly don't perma ban them. Due to frustration there are players who intentionally exploited but not for the rating. rather in efforts to reset the ladders. There was a thread stating how if everyone did it they would need to reset ladders.

Just kids being kids, you know? Please don't ban my friends -.-
• Issue 1: People cheat the system in order to get Achievements, Titles, and Loots.
• Best Solution: Delete the character(s) found to be cheating.
• Why: This solution clears out the cheated gear, achievements, and loots without removing a subscription.
• Bonus: This is a stiff penalty that will deter others from doing the same in the future.

• Issue 2: Honest people have unfortunately gained ranking off of the above cheaters.
• Best Solution: Reset the ladder and MMR.
• Why? This solution completely fixes the issue while only temporarily truly effecting those that really should be where they are on the ladder/mmr.
It's sad that Blizzard should even have to do this. Is it really THAT hard to just play the game the way it was meant to be played?
If they don't reset MMR and ladders after this they're losing my subscription. Arena achievements no longer mean anything after this because you'll be seeing people in trade spamming "2800 rogue looking for team to hit 1700". Even the innocent teams need to be reset because they were fed rating and mmr because of the people using this exploit. Even if they just reset ladder and NOT mmr this season will still be ruined because the people who benefitted by people afking out have an inflated mmr.
knew it was strage wining 5's with out even a fight the other night had to be something behind it
Providing an environment where players can compete in the spirit of fair play is extremely important to us, particularly in rated Player versus Player combat. As part of that commitment we regularly monitor gameplay, and have discovered an issue where some Arena teams have exploited the queuing system to obtain high team ratings, “dodge” unfavorable team compositions, and engage in win trading.

These, and all, exploitative activities are absolutely prohibited. We will investigate the situation carefully, and players that have been found to have participated in exploitation will be subject to the appropriate actions against their World of Warcraft accounts. In the meantime, we are currently working to resolve any remaining issues with the queue system to prevent this behavior in the future.

You are going to have to fix the problem that is allowing people to exploit the system(which you are doing, thank you), however, resetting teams that you think are exploiting will not help fix the overall issue. when one, or in this case, many teams exploit, the teams that are not exploiting the system, but do in fact play against the exploiters are gaining an MMR boost based on the exploited rating. Simply put, anyone who has qued in the past 3-4 days has gained inflated points and an entire reset of the ladders and a reset of MMR would be needed to remedy the situation, once you have figured out how to stop the exploit from happening again.
Right here blizzard is in the perfect situation to literally restart the season but they still won't for some unknown foolish reason. To me its actually insulting that they sit here and make posts like this one about how much they care and how seriously they take cheating when they simply and quite obviously don't.

They clearly don't know their own game if they think a banwave will fix the issues. Ratings will still be inflated even for the legit teams that just happened to que into empty free point matches.

The only true way to fix it is a straight up MMR and Team Rating reset which has so many pro's its the obvious thing to do here but yet blizzard still wont its really quite a joke.

Reasons why a straight up reset would be beneficial/negative:

+ hunters that stampeded to 2200+ will now actually have to be good players to retain rating
+ MMR should have been reset from beginning of season because a players capabilities can change drastically expansion to expansion if they are playing the fotm class
+ Ladder will be completely free of cheese and cheaters for the rest of the reason

- Players who were legit will have to replay up to their old ratings. Shouldn't even matter because if they dont like to do arenas than why are they playing in the first place
-It will cost blizzard money which is an issue because clearly they don't have a lot of that.

Don't even know why i wasted my time writing this it will never be seen.

TLDR: There is an orchestra of reasons on why a total mmr and team reset is mandatory if the remainder of the season is going to be a success but it simply wont happen because blizzard does not give a shred of care to pvp.
Awesome! Keep the momentum rolling and do something about Battleground bots.
11/13/2012 10:08 AMPosted by Nazdrag
i yelled that in my head as i read it..........i even visualized a buch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too
11/13/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Absolution
Awesome! Keep the momentum rolling and do something about Battleground bots.

Woah! Now you're asking for a lot.
Vote MMR RESET 2012.
11/13/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Daxxarri
We will investigate the situation carefully, and players that have been found to have participated in exploitation will be subject to the appropriate actions against their World of Warcraft accounts.

I know you won't divulge your secret sauce as to how you are going to catch the "bad" guys, but the fact of the matter is there are many legitimate teams that were caught up in this by no fault of their own. Every team, "good" or "bad", has seen rating inflation from this exploit. I believe Blizzard has the methods of catching the teams that were in fact exploiting, but the only solution to the legitimate teams that now are sitting with inflated MMR's and team rating is to reset the ladder ratings, and ideally also MMR.

Just remember Blizzard. This problem has two variables. The teams that exploited and the legitimate teams that have had their ratings and MMR boosted as a side effect of the exploiters. Please address both.
So what about the teams who unwittingly earned rating from these exploiters, how are you going to handle that? The people who received this inflated rating couldn't really do anything about it and were fed rating through no fault or effort of their own.

Is there any way at all you can salvage any part of this season, without doing a reset, which we all know you aren't going to do? Can all of you sit down and honestly agree on the fact that this season is working as intended? Please.

Honestly, the only way to fix this is to do a complete reset. And even then you're going to piss a lot of legitimate players off by taking away their rating because there's no way to distinguish between them and the people who received their rating from the exploiters.
There is really no other choice but to reset the ladders and MMR. Hundreds of teams have obtained unreachable MMR and team rating through this exploit and it needs to be fixed and then reset. There is no way to not only ban every team that did the exploit, but every legit team that received free wins for queing into people doing the exploit.
Blizzard aware of the problem that has been going on for years and will still do nothing about it.
About damn time, inflation happened throughout all the BGs, consider resetting?

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