Arena Exploitation and Win Trading - Updated

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They do not get a win. They do not lose ANYTHING though.
LOL its funny all the people crying about rating have never been 2200. game will never be balanced, never has been. Don't see why it's such a shocker now.
11/13/2012 10:19 AMPosted by Tablez
I dont know how you will be able to punish players for queue dodging as even players who dont know what it is engages in this, say you lose 5 times to the same team you will probably stop queing for a few minutes or hours and get your bearings back instead of wanting to throw your computer out of a window.

The queue dodging going on is not like that. There is a way to leave an Arena match without it counting against you as a basically you can keep queuing and just abandon the bad match-ups even after you've entered the arena.

Stopping your team from queuing at all because you're taking heavy losses from other teams isn't against the rules at all. It only gets shady when you've found a way to do it inside the match. That's not only against the "spirit of competition" but it inflates MMR across the board and breaks the system...which is supposed to be zero sum for a given number of teams.
Finally! Thank you very much. Now I'd like to see all those fake Gladiators going down.
Ok now reset ladder, it's broken, ty.
lol the warrior at the top with 3k+ on illidian got all his bg achieves in 1 day basically went 1-3k+ in 1 day.
blizzard, there's a ripple effect going on. the ladder's are extremely inflated now.. and many people, legit players are getting rating they have no business getting.

a 5s team i know of last week for example. all decent players.. got 2260 in 1 night of playing. none of them had gotten 2200+ before. they technically did not cheat but they certainly benefited from the wintraders by either queing into them or queing into other 'high mmr teams' who qued into them and got free wins.

the whole ladder's borked because of the wintrader's inflating everyone's mmr who happen to run into them while they did their thing.
Now we will have to wait something like 5 months to blizz start ban exploiters.
Have you guys noticed how whack this game is they have a reason to do it. !@#$ if i had friends to do it i would do it also but I can't. :(
11/14/2012 02:11 AMPosted by Masta
LOL its funny all the people crying about rating have never been 2200. game will never be balanced, never has been. Don't see why it's such a shocker now.

Balance and exploiting the system in this way are two separate things. No one here is talking about balance. We're talking about using the MMR 'bug' (or whatever it is) to inflate your ratings.

Also, looking at your armoury, you got the achievement for 2000 and 2200 in 5's yesterday, I don't know, maybe you're a good player, but it looks like you left the team trying to cover your tracks because you exploited the system. Just saying, looks like you're guilty of what this thread is about.
I don't PvP, but I find it odd that the same damn thing happens every new season. It seems like there is a problem with exploits every 2 months in arenas. After 5 years of arena, haven't you figured out how to prevent exploitive play yet?
Never realized queue dodging was an exploit. Should just quit playing for the night instead of waiting for the other team to fight some one else.
i don't really see any other option at this point than to reset the ladders and reset the MMRs. this has gone on for so long that it seems like blizzard is just creating more work for themselves by letting it continue and having to comb through every single team/player that may or may not be knowingly participating in the exploit. as several people have noted, there are several legit teams basically participating in win trade situations and receiving the rating boosts without meaning to.

everyone has been asking for an MMR and ladder reset anyway. this would be the perfect time, even if it is a few weeks into the season.

yes, at first rank one glads will be steamrolling over first time arena players. but it's like that in any game or sport. at the beging of a race (season, in this case) or game everyone has the same starting point and everyone will eventually, with time and practice, get to a certain skill level and finishing point.

i sometimes feel like blizzard is trying to protect the pvp feel and aspect of the game from vanilla. where only pve gear existed and not as many people really knew what they were doing when fighting another player and it was just kind of something you could do for fun or with your friends while you were roaming around out in the world discovering new areas...or if you were a rogue. the alliance vs. horde conflict was a big deal at that time, but with the introduction of instanced/rated pvp leading to people sitting in a queue safely inside SW or ORG, that conflict (with how it relates to pvp) has mostly died away. in my opinion, of course.

but with the inception of organized and ranked pvp, i really wish they would have just severed pvp from pve entirely. i think they created something really great completely by accident and have been causing themselves such a painful headache by trying to come up with ways to constantly balance all of the numerous abilities between pve and pvp and i think that we can all agree it has never really quite worked out entirely.

but i understand that this is a pve game, a dungeon game where you focus on evil villans hoarding treasure in their caves and castles. and they have done an amazing job with that, to be sure! pvp was an accident. i mean, i know they MEANT to implement it, but i believe i've seen a blue post from someone where they said they didn't really foresee how successful and popular instanced/ranked pvp would be. it was a damn fine mistake, if i do say so. but in my opinion, if blizzard had the time or the resources, having 2 completely separate gameplay styles would greatly benefit the player base as a whole, and prevent a few headaches from either side yelling and shouting about the other.

TL. DR. - i vote to reset ladders and wipe mmr.
get a grip blizzard you need to reset ladders and mmr, ppl who didnt exploit farmed exploiters...
Agreed. Ladder and MMR resets please.

This is the only efficient and right way to fix the problem.

In regard to the people saying "oh, but i didn't exploit, i just gained rating from people who were." Well, sorry. That is life. If you had purchased stolen property and the original owner tracked you down, you'd have to surrender it even though you were "innocent." Additionally, you could be charged criminally if you "knew" or "Should have known" you were purchasing stolen property. Here, you've reaped the benefits of exploitative conduct and you "knowingly" did it, even though unintentionally.

If you were truly innocent, every time you encountered this you would purposely lose to get back down to your correct MMR or you wouldn't participate in PvP until it was fixed (neither sound appealing, i know). However, all these people claiming innocence have not done that but have instead just complained about it while achieving high rankings, achievements, and rewards that, sometimes, they have never been able to achieve at any point in their WoW career.

Everything else has already been said that needs to be said.

Fix it Blizz.
unfortunately the damage has already been done, people are 3k in 3v3 from queing into mmr/ wintraders this wouldnt even be possible if it wasnt for them and that is like 400-500 rating over everyone else and over the next team. A bug like this has caused unrecoverable damage to the ladder and mmr/ rankings.

The damage has been done fixing it now isnt going to change whats happened to the ladder already

Wipe MMR and wipe the ladder, hotfix all the broken !@#$ in arena right now and get the season started properly again.
So what it they hand out ten-thousand 3day bans, so what if they strip gear from people, all these FIXES still don't address the


which is they're not resetting mmr so all these folks still get their cheated GLADIATOR title at the end of the season...

in my opinion they should just reset the entire season
Lol dude you're stupid that's not what it means.
11/14/2012 02:11 AMPosted by Masta
LOL its funny all the people crying about rating have never been 2200. game will never be balanced, never has been. Don't see why it's such a shocker now.

Cause 2200 is soooo hard

Edit: Nice job at exploiting MMR bug in 5s.

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