[H][10]<Resurgence> 2/6H MSV Recruiting

<Resurgence> is recruiting to fill out a few spots in our core team. We are currently 2/6 Heroic in MSV and 4/6 in HoF. Currently we are in need of:
  • Ranged DPS
  • Healers of the non monk variety
  • Exceptional applicants of any class are welcome to apply
  • About Us

    Resurgence is a progression guild with an efficient and mature raid environment with the goal of completing all heroic content during its period of relevance. We strive to stay on the bleeding edge of content, while maintaining a reasonable raid schedule and a fun, respectful environment for our raiders.

    We are seeking motivated, skilled players who can meet our standards and thrive in a competitive raid environment.

    Currently looking for raiders with appropriate gear and experience for Mists of Pandaria encounters.

    Raid Schedule

    We have a very short raid schedule compared to most other progression guilds. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-10:30 CST

    During periods of intense progression we also raid Monday night from 7:30-10:30 CST

    What We Expect

    Preparation Due to our short raid schedule, we expect all players to come 100% prepared. We are looking for players who know each fight intimately and make minimal mistakes. You should be self-motivated, which includes making sure you are aware of patch changes in order to maximize all that your class has to offer. A good attitude and reliability are also key traits we look for.

    Teamwork You must be able to be a team player. This includes being willing to sit for the sake of progression, lending help to your fellow raiders, making the officers' jobs easier by cooperating with their requests and keeping in mind the quality and integrity of our raid team at all times.

    Commitment We require 85% attendance overall. The likelihood of passing the trial period below 85% is very slim. Raiders who fall below 85% attendance will be receive demotions that will affect both raid spot and loot decisions. We understand real life issues that may take us away from raiding, however a high level of commitment is key to developing a solid foundation of a competitive, progression oriented team.

    Hardware You must have ventrilo and be willing to speak in raid. You must have a stable internet connection. You must have an adequate computer system that will not hinder your raid performance.

    To apply or for more information, please visit http://www.resurgence-gaming.net/

    Please feel free to contact any of our officers in game: Agamemnan, Andromedah, Enrish. You may also feel free to contact any member.

    RiD Contacts:

    Enrish: captmorgan0690@gmail.com
    Apawcalypse: Menacev2@gmail.com

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