482 ilvl Fury warrior LF 10 man raid guild

6/6 exp in MV 2/6 exp in HoF available for raiding any day of the week any time after 5:00 pm server LF a raiding guild with atleast 4/6 MV and 1/6 HoF down please contact me either by replying to forum or by ingame mail too Daruga thank you
Hey there Daruga! We are really interested in you joining our team! Here is some more information about us.

We are a 10 man guild currently leveling and gearing up for Mists of Pandaria raids. We are looking for a couple of classes to fill our ranks. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild which raids on a fairly light schedule (3 Hours-3 Days/week), but we strive to be competive over the last several years. We transformed from a 25man raiding guild to a 10man raiding guild in the last six months or so. We still share the same commitment and drive to progress in a raid envirment. We did clear 8/8DS Heroic modes and are looking forward to the new content. This guild has had plenty of success as a 25man guild in their history. We carried that same enthusiam into the 10man and exceeded expectations. We wish to continue this progression into Mists of Pandaria.

-Our Current Progression-

Msv: 6/6 normal and 1/6 heroic

HoF: 3/6 normal

-Raid Times-

Monday-Wednesday 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST

-More Information-



-Contact Information-

Sedaì- Recuitment Oficer-Realid: ec.thomp1984@gmail.com
Sorry it's taking so long to get back to you, we are interested in bringing you into HoF this week if you are still interested in us.

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