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Emerald Dream
Exalted With Repair Bots is now recruiting to start up a second 10 man raid group! EWRB has a long history of progression excellence, extending back as far as the beginning of Burning Crusade. Our main group's progression is currently 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF and we're currently ranked #6 realm, and #3 Alliance.

Our second group will be a progression group, and not simply an "alt" group, so appropriate dedication is required. Leadership of G2 draws from the experience of our core raiders, so you wont be going in completely blind. Addtionally, these positions are immediate openings. You will see very little, if any bench time (depending on the roster of course). If you're looking for a semi hardcore raid group, focusing on weekend raid nights, then EWRB is the place for you.

Our current needs for G2 are as follows:


Blood Death Knight
Protection Warrior
Guardian Druid
(These classes are simply a preference, and any class is free to inquire)

Healers (1-2)
Holy Paladin
Restoration Shaman
Restoration Druid
(Having a similarly geared DPS offspec is highly recommended)

DPS (4-6)

2-3 Melee DPS- Preferably Warrior / Rogue; however any can inquire.
2-3 Ranged DPS- Preferably Mage / Warlock / Balance Druid; however any can inquire.

Raid days for Group 2 will be Friday and Saturday, times to be determined. For more information, direct all inquiry to Tsigan or Sytir.
Tank positions have been filled, however we're still looking for exceptional DPS and Healers! Direct all inquiry to Tsigan or Sytir.
In need of Warlock, Mage and Warrior(DPS)!!

Help us, help you!
Most spots have been filled, however we still need a Warlock, Fury / Arms Warrior, or Mage!

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