Any Alliance guilds selling gold CM runs?

Looking to buy due to having no connections to top tier players. Perfectly competent enough to complete them with the right group.

<--- Carryable
11/15/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Kova
Perfectly competent enough to complete them

<--- Carryable

If you're competent enough to do them, then you wouldn't be getting carried.
I think he's just trying to say he isn't dead weight and if he could find 4 other like minded/skilled players he would do it himself but for whatever reasons he wont/cant. Maybe he has time restraints and finds it easier to make gold or is capped and looking to dump some of it.
Wasn't Dread selling them?
Not that I have time constraints just I don't know any four individual people that can do it. I'm a DPS looking to buy.

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