What frustrates me about the LFR loot system

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Were you surprised to see that a boss "dropped" the loot that you already had? Just like every boss in the game? LFR is no exception. It chooses whatever is on the loot table and gives it to you. What the f is so hard to understand about that.
Think of it as a slot machine pull metaphor. You don't expect to get anything, but if you do, awesome.
11/15/2012 02:48 PMPosted by Xagathon
I would not have wasted a roll on

You do understand you are not "wasting rolls", right? While you are getting useless items you are not preventing yourself from getting other items off that loot table in the future nor does loot roll have some hidden cool down that means you won't get loot for X attempts because you got some item you didn't want. You are not building up DKP and spending it as raid guilds tend to do. It's just a random chance at a random piece of loot from the boss.

Simply put: Winning items does not effect your future chances, nor does it effect anyone else in your group. There are times were everyone will win something and some were none will. It's random.

If they made it so you could only get upgrades, the rate at which loot would drop for you would be significantly lower to make up for it. The current system has the non-upgrade items built in. Blizzard probably figured seeing more items drop, even "wasted" ones is better than not seeing any for much longer stretches of time.

Off-topic but needing to be said: Hohenheim you are my hero :) Great name.
11/18/2012 12:23 PMPosted by Brofo
Just like every boss in the game? LFR is no exception.

It is the exception, because you're guaranteed to get only loot you can use. It might not be an upgrade, but at least you'll never get plate armor or a rogue dagger as a mage.

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