cause of Hurricane Sandy, WE NEED NEW RAIDERS

Mayhem a lvl 25 raid guild has lost about 5 SOLID raiders do to Hurricane Sandy
We are looking for players with AT LEAST 4/6 MV exp with a ilvl of 470.
We lost these classes we would like to replace,
We have waited a few weeks for them to raid but have heard nothing from them and feel it is time to RE-FILL those spots.

You are REQUIRED to sign up for raids and ATTENDANCE is VITAL to remain a core raider.
We have discussed paying for server transfers to our realm as well.
Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7 server to 10 server.
Repairs are free of course. But we REQUIRE you to bring your own pots, we provide food buffs.
YOU MUST have VENTRILO, don't care if you don't have a mic, but you NEED to hear.

We are made up of adults who have 40 hour or more per week jobs and most of us are married. Light atmosphere but focused during progression.

If you are interested Please Contact ANY Mayhem member so they can let you know what toon I am currently on and we can talk.

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