[H] Late Night 10 man guild LFM!

Guild Recruitment
<Renascentia> is a newly formed 10 man progression guild on the US-Blackhand server. We are a guild seeking exceptionally skilled players looking to progress quickly through MoP content. We are a relaxed guild that likes to have fun, but when it comes down to raiding we like to have a focused mindset and come prepared to down content.

A little about us:
The officers along with myself have been raiding together successfully since vanilla, including top 100 US kills in cata, and wish to continue to do so in Mists while making a name for ourselves on this new server. After conflicts with recent guilds, we decided to move to a new server to create a guild of our own with the goal in mind of creating the perfect balance between a hardcore raiding guild and a friendly one at the same time. We have become a close-knit group of players and are looking for players that share the same mentality as we do.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 11:00PM EST - 2:00AM EST
Wednesday: 11:00PM EST - 2:00AM EST

What we expect from our members:
Age 18+: We are a drama free guild and we believe this helps.
Attendance: Since we only raid two days a week it is expected that you will be able to attend these raids week-in, week-out. (Although we do realize people do have lives outside of game)
Gear: We have always believed in the concept of player skill over gear and item level, but this doesn't mean the gear aspect should be left out completely. Be able to know the Min/Max of the gear that is available to you prior to coming to raid.
Knowledge: Have a good knowledge of your class and role in a raid. Also come prepared to raids by researching fights and learning the ins and outs of encounters.
Attitude: A good attitude from everyone helps keep the guild running in a functional manner. Be able to take constructive criticism and be able to give it when necessary.


We will be using an EPGP loot system in raids. In doing so, it is REQUIRED that you have the EPGP Lootmaster addon. This will help make distributing and keeping track on EP and GP a lot easier.

EPGP Exaplained

EP = Effort Points
GP = Gear Points

EP are awarded based on the moderator's givings for boss downs, attempts, helping the guild out in a lot of ways, etc. GP are gained by receiving gear. To receive gear, you "use" EP in a sort of "who has the higher priority" system with members of your raid who roll on a certain piece. This causes your GP to rise. This creates a percentage or decimal known as your Priority. Priority ranks people on "how much GP they have/have received : how many EP they have/obtain." Also, your EP and GP will decay by a certain amount (usually weekly) to help restore order in the EP/GP standings. Eventually, your EP will rise above your GP once more and your priority will go up, allowing you to receive more gear when the time comes.

Druid: Resto/ Balance
Warrior: Prot/ Fury
Pally: Holy/ Prot
Hunter: Beast Mastery
Priest: Disc/ Holy
DK: Blood/ Frost
Shaman: Enhancement
Lock: Demonology/ Affliction
Monk: Mistweaver/ Brewmaster

Please feel free to whisper Sakutai, Absolutvodka, or Nardwuar in game for more information, or fill out an application on our website at www.renascentiablackhand.enjin.com
Hey guys just wondering if you guys are from shandris?
Real ID: LayzieBum#1430 for info
bump can also add me. RealID: tbarton318@hotmail.com
Still looking for more people to have CORE raid spots. Add me tbarton318@hotmail.com
still looking we now have possibly 3 more members joining maybe 4 including a druid healer dps warrior bm hunter and DK tank still looking for another tank and a couple more dps!!!
Moar Deeps!
Need a non DK tank
Still looking for CORE spots
EPGP for a 10 man? Lulz. Good luck bro.
Worked quite well in past. Thanks for the bump thou
still looking for 2 exceptional ranged dps lock especially!!!
Need Mage/Lock/SPriest for core squad

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