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Hello all,

I'm a long time player but have been on and off again since Wrath. I've never felt belonging or like I was "home" after my long time guild broke up at the end of BC. Now years later I'm looking to get back into the game.

I've grown tired of playing alone in an MMO, either not in a guild or in one where no one is on or interested in only end-game.

To this end I'm turning to the RP community to help me find a place to start. I want to RP and have decided to give the lore butchered by Christie Golden another shot. I want to enjoy the game again and give up the "I played Pre-BC when the game was good" argument.

What is a good server to go to for RP and what faction would suit that best. I've always been Alliance, save a stint as Horde in Cata, because when I got the game I fell in love with the Paladin class and back before BC only Alliance had them. I'm not picky so much as I want to meet new people and learn to have fun again.

I do have multiple 80-85s and my highest is an 88 Elemental Shaman but for the moment I want to meet and greet not spend money to transfer.

Thanks for your time.
There is another thread with this question on the front page, I don't know if you saw it. But the answers you get will always be the same. Moonguard and Wyrmrest Accord are the most populated. Your chances of finding someone to rp with are higher on those realms.

There are smaller pop realms that are just as good, Cenarion Circle has a chat channel for rpers on each side. Join allianceooc or hordeooc and state your status as a new or returning rper.

If pvp is your choice and you want to rp as well, Earthen Ring and Emerald Dream offer web sites to get you introduced to other rpers.

I suggest if you are looking for a partner or maybe a reroll group, you select a realm and state which faction you want to play. Also state your time zone so you will get others of the same time zone to join you.

And good luck!
How did Christie Golden butcher the lore? I read Blizzard's lore, then her books, and she did a fine job.

Either way, WrA and MG are the most populous; stay away from Goldshire in general on MG unless you're into... that, or have quests.

Cenarion Circle is awesome. Check it out if you like smaller yet closer-knit communities.

All in all, ^, honestly. Amarlei covered it pretty well.

EDIT: Also, Amarlei, do you remember Haunt, that Halloween thread you made last year? Do you think you could make something like that again for Christmas or Thanksgiving or something, but with a slightly darker twist? I was that one dashing belf rogue, and I had lots of fun. Thanks.
I dont mind Christie Golden, this is the first that someone has had a problem with her. Most have a problem with Richard Knaak. I dont have a problem with him either.
This game is much to big with so much lore its impossible not to get confused with every new expansion. And Srdots, I do have a thread on the forums. Silent Scream.
You can check out Earthen Ring's RP community at:

check out our forum :


then decide if you want to join us over on Ravenholdt

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