[H] <Thrash> (16/16N, 2/16H) LF Tank or Heals

<Thrash> is recruiting a talented Tank or Healer for our core team. We're a group of very experienced raiders looking to create a laid back, competitive raid environment.

**If you believe that you can play your class at a high level, we encourage you to apply regardless of class.

We're only looking for extremely talented players with fitting personalities. If you need to switch specs, we can gear you up a little bit, but we suggest nothing lower than a 480 ilvl starting out. Raid times are Wed/Thurs from 7-10PM Server (Pacific).

If you're interested, feel free to reply to this thread or whisper Mmurrggll, Lesp or Derfer in-game! If you need more information about the raiding group, then continue reading below.


Some notes about the raid group:

-We're almost never serious until an encounter starts. We make tons of inappropriate jokes and troll the hell out of each other. If you get offended easily or enjoy creating drama, then you won't last long.

-We don't obsess over gear. Gear will be decided by myself and two loot council members, and will be given to whoever will benefit the raid the most progression-wise. Seniority or willingness to vocalize your need for loot isn't factored. We see gear as a tool to progress, so if you like obsessing over loot or constantly complaining about how you got slighted, then look elsewhere. We'll give you plenty of intrinsic motivators to reward you (I'll be the first one to tell you when you've done a good job).

-While we joke around, we expect you to maximize your output. Wiping on a boss because the boss is difficult isn't the end of the world; we often find the challenge enjoyable. Wiping on a boss because someone got cheap enchants or gems or didn't take the time to research their class or the boss is a different story. We expect you to do your homework. It takes 5 minutes to watch a boss strategy, and 3 minutes to read a guide. Taking 0.5% of a day to research and improve will not cause you immense physical pain.

-You must pre-gear as much as possible. If you don't have the time to max out valor, do your dailies, get all of the best heroic dungeon gear within a week and craft stuff to get you raid-ready, then you won't have the time to excel at raiding. Stuff such as 600 cooking for the best food, making sure you're stock-piled with flasks, etc is all basic preparation stuff which you will be responsible for. If you come to a raid unprepared, then have the realization that we might decide to replace you.

-Don't be late. We only raid twice a week and, although we generally go past raid time, we'll replace anyone whose late. Be on 5-15 minutes before raid for an invite and be fully repaired with more flasks and food than you expect to need. We take scarce 3-5 minute breaks, but we don't have time to wait on one raid member.

-We'll be trying out people until our raid group has 10 suitable players. If we have to part ways with you, don't take it personally. It takes a certain personality and a certain skill level to raid with us, and not having what it takes doesn't imply anything negative at all. We play this game for fun, and we don't expect everyone to share our passion for raiding.
Bump^ Still looking for a few more raiders.

We'll be doing our first raids this tues/wed 6-9PM server due to Thanksgiving before we start our normal raid schedule.
We got a Warrior and a Frost DK, now we just need a Resto Shammy, Holy Pally and Boomkin!
Still need a lock/pally!
We achieved 6/6 MSV on our 2nd week of raiding. Great job Thrash!
Still need a priest =( - We promise not to torture you emotionally..
WTB Priests!
Updated, we just had some spots open up if anyones looking for a core spot =)
Need a resto druid with a feral dps off spec? or ill gear for just about anything to start raiding.. my current server is to small and doesnt have a guild to fit my raid time
Hey Gore!

I'm not sure if we could fit either of those in, as we're a bit melee heavy as it is and we have a Resto Druid.

Is there any chance you could go Boomkin? I know their DPS isn't ideal currently, but it would fit much better in our composition =/
My current raid group might be splitting soon due to real life issues interfering with us being able to raid, and I've just been checking out places I might be able to go. I'm currently sitting on ilv479 with experience up until Elegon on MsV (we've been having some DPS problems on the fight). Since finals are just around the corner, my schedule will be pretty iffy so I can't be sure if I'll be able to make your raid this weekend or if I'll be going with my current group for the time being -- whichever is more convenient for my studying.

If you ever need a pug or are going to do some progression on HoF, feel free to give me a PM, though!
Hey Unicorn, I'll go ahead and add you to friends and give you a tell in-game. We're looking for skilled, reliable players, so if we have to be a little patient to get that then we don't mind =)

Also, your name is freaking awesome and we should invite you purely based off principle.
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Shock, we need to have a ~serious~ talk in vent about your unacceptable behavior and impending punishment.
Sounds like a good group!

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