[H] <Thrash> (16/16N, 2/16H) LF Tank or Heals

I logged in and everything to bump this thread and this !@#$in priest beats me to it.
Jenn here. Ugh. My mom just walked in on me during a past life regression. I was crawling around the floor slowly. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that she wouldn't understand. She kept pressing and I told her I was experiencing past life regression. I told her about how I was a tortoise in my past life and about my tortoise memories. I ended up coming out as otherkin to her and had to explain what that meant. She got angry and told me to "grow up" and fill out some job applications online.

I don't even know why she would tell me to fill out job applications when I'm going to be moving soon. I can't wait to move. I am so sick of living with a bigoted alcoholic mother who is afraid of what she doesn't understand.

Tags: [otherkin] [tortoisekin] [past life regression] [past life] [past life memories] [otherkin hate] [alcoholism]
Another time me and Dancehall was smokin at he place in Brooklyn and talking about some underground rap !@#$, I said man take me to the newest cats you heard of, the rawest street %^-* only. Dancehall get real quiet and take out a small celly, like looked like a baby cell phone or something, !@#$ was tiny. He open it up and it just had one button, button had no number on it? He press it and instead of saying anything into he just held up some black and white photograph of a dog to the mouthpiece and lit it on fire, didn't say nothing. I was much lifted from the w33d and thought he was %^-*ing with me because thats how Dancehall be sometimes when he high, but like 1 minute later someone beeping outside, don't sound like no normal horn, its hard to describe u know? Like !@#$%s was beeping and this scar I had on my knee from when I was short and ran into a coffee table started itching and I went to scratch it and Dancehall just looked at me like "No ^-*!@, don't itch that. Itch that is the rudest thing you could do." And we went outside and the car was a Escalade sitting on like 24s also, pretty intimidating to get into a devil hell Escalade when you high, but Dancehall wasnt afraid. Driver was on some secret service #$%^, didn't smile, didn't even look at us, we just got in and buckled up. We ended up at this underground garage somewhere in deep Queens, like driving down floor after floor while we just got higher and higher. And then suddenly, there we were, bottom floor, all dark except for the glowing illuminesence of a crowd of -*!@#s checking they Sidekicks and droids, no service because were underground but they still checkin, and a lone spotlight on this dude, real short cat, like 5 feet, wearin all red. Someone had a drum kit, real small, started giving him the most basic beats, and $%^-* started spitting, but they weren't rhymes. !@#$% was spitting anticipation of different events, right? Like all of a sudden, I got real nervous about Easter, started thinking about how I had a bunch of candy and ^-*! to buy, right? Then next I was dreading my 40th birthday. I turn to dancehall and I'm "@#$%^ I'm only 28!!!! Who is this cat and how he spit anticipation of 12 years from now, thats like some 2021 -*!@???????" and Dancehall was 'man, nicca name is some awful #$%^, his moms was a chef at an unpopular but profitable resturant and his dad I heard was a vet who was in the bomb squad and come back with PTSD, so they named him the collective nervousness of a group of people reluctantly waiting to eat. When -*!@# walks past a Taco Bell, its like a whole crowd of people chanting he name, sultry seduction of crowds of girls waving they $%^-*!s, smearing them with fire sauce. Drives him crazy like a wolf, make the nicca hornie as hell devil, got arrested last week for putting he mystery weener in one of those new black tacos, found him crying in the bathroom covered in cinnamon, crying, screaming "why u name me this way, chef mom" and I said "no way can a @#$%^ be named that, how they put that on he birth certificate" and it turn out he was born at a Jewish hospital!!! I was like "-*!@# u cold" and thats why I dont eat tacos no more
Lol, thanks for the compliment Cadia. Question though: Can I call you "C-Sauce" to raise my street cred?
C-Sauce? Really? That's the best you can come up with?

*High fives self*

That's as gangster as it gets.
mm is gay
Hai Guise
You're a bad little birthday bear ;)
still looking?
I think they are, and they are better than your current guild, who can't clear MSV lol
<Thrash> is currently recruiting "Cadiya's friends rank!" It's a casual rank for someone who just wants a place to hang out, get to know people and get free guild perks. Cadiya's friends get priority to fill in on raid nights as needed! Sounds great right?! Become one of Cadiya's friends today!!

I hear she has free cookies! Cadiya's friends also get pocket heals and other great perks!

Also, congrats <Thrash> on Blade Lord Ta'Yak!
Gangdam Style!
Bump, we need a Resto Shaman, Holy Pally or Mistwalker Monk!
Still need a tank!
Up Arrow
should be Tank or healer since we have a druid slave we can force to tank
But I like having failcynta as a healer =(

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